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Bathroom Beauty Snapper Challenge

Well I have accepted a challenge by Sheila to be a Bathroom Beauty Snapper.  She has been taking lovely pictures of herself in her favourite restaurant restrooms and thats what this is all about.  Click below to learn more and for her lovely pictures.

Today, I’ve been to an Elks Picnic.  It was outdoors and we were all dressed casual for hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoes, corn, watermelon, friends, music, raffle tickets and a lovely sunny day.  Along with that outdoors is the theme of an outdoor restroom.  You would know its not going to be fancy…but we’d already gone to a lovely restaurant on Friday night for a fishfry and I’d forgotten my camera and the missed THAT chance so I thought I had better just go in there and do it!  Below is the result of that venture.  Now this was not the first picture I took very quickly afraid someone would walk in and wonder what was I doing…and I laughed out loud when I downloaded the pictures because in some of them I was looking at the camera or smiling at the camera…how silly was that.  It took a while to realize I needed to smile INTO the mirror to get the look.

 so don’t laugh because at least I did it luxury or not.  Now can you do the same?  Can you take the Bathroom Beauty Snapper challenge?  If so read all about it at Sheila’s site.  Happy photo snapping!

Take a look at Sally because she took the challenge too – two times to make it perfect.  Yahaaa Sally!…and Theresa… in bright lights…we have no problem with this!  Justine  showing us her blue streaked hair, Alex and all the other ladies joining in with the fun.


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old books up there in the library….** revised

Oh my goodness.  This morning I played around with the different themes at wordpress.  I thought maybe I need a bit of a different look on this lovely Sunday morning when I don’t have too much time to actually be sitting here.  I had been thinking of packing up and finding a new location on blogspot recently.  Anyway I tried this one which I previewed with my own header and when I applied it I ended up with this library of old books as a header.  hmmmm…  Well for now I will leave it.  What do you think about those books up there? I will have to think this whole situation out next time.

**  Since writing this post I’ve temporarily put up a new header taken a couple of weeks ago at the cottage.  It was just dusktime… wouldn’t those branches and cones look beautiful with tuffs of snow on them in a winter scene?

I’ve left you with a pic of the flowers hanging outside the love Bunny’s (Marc) cottage front door.  They are always a delight as you enter.

I hope this Sunday is filled with everything lovely you had hoped for….


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