Bathroom Beauty Snapper Challenge

Well I have accepted a challenge by Sheila to be a Bathroom Beauty Snapper.  She has been taking lovely pictures of herself in her favourite restaurant restrooms and thats what this is all about.  Click below to learn more and for her lovely pictures.

Today, I’ve been to an Elks Picnic.  It was outdoors and we were all dressed casual for hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoes, corn, watermelon, friends, music, raffle tickets and a lovely sunny day.  Along with that outdoors is the theme of an outdoor restroom.  You would know its not going to be fancy…but we’d already gone to a lovely restaurant on Friday night for a fishfry and I’d forgotten my camera and the missed THAT chance so I thought I had better just go in there and do it!  Below is the result of that venture.  Now this was not the first picture I took very quickly afraid someone would walk in and wonder what was I doing…and I laughed out loud when I downloaded the pictures because in some of them I was looking at the camera or smiling at the camera…how silly was that.  It took a while to realize I needed to smile INTO the mirror to get the look.

 so don’t laugh because at least I did it luxury or not.  Now can you do the same?  Can you take the Bathroom Beauty Snapper challenge?  If so read all about it at Sheila’s site.  Happy photo snapping!

Take a look at Sally because she took the challenge too – two times to make it perfect.  Yahaaa Sally!…and Theresa… in bright lights…we have no problem with this!  Justine  showing us her blue streaked hair, Alex and all the other ladies joining in with the fun.



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11 responses to “Bathroom Beauty Snapper Challenge

  1. I’m so excited! You just look maaaaaahvelous, Darling. I’m going to put your blog link right now on my site.
    Thank you so much Judi!!
    You are a Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva,
    Shelia 🙂

  2. Hi Judi,
    Isn’t this fun?
    You’re a sport!
    I’m adding your name to my post so that others will stop in to see how brave you are!
    Please stop by and see mine.

  3. Judi ! you did a wonderful job snapping that pic ! I am lousy at it . Wait til you see the one I am going to put on my blog tomorrow , huh !

  4. Sally!! you are wonderful. You did it twice just to get a perfect picture. You look great! What a good sport you are..this IS fun isn’t it? Love it!

  5. Theresa! What a great picture flash and all. What fun. How brave we are eh? We are certainly the bathroom photo snapping divas *lol*…

  6. Hmmm, with all of these posts I just might consider taking the challenge as well! I just might not tell the people I am with LOL!

    take care,

  7. Woo hoo! You go girl! You took the picture, cinder block walls and all!

    Justine 😮 )

  8. How fun is this! I’ve been visiting all the bathroom snappers. Hope to get mine up in a couple days! You look great in your pic.


  9. Eeeww!! But a great idea…am going to try it…we have some in the city that would come up a treat.

    Good tip about the camera and mirror although tricky as hate both having my photo taken and looking in the mirror!

  10. oh what a fun idea, I don’t think I’ll be participating though as I don’t visit enough restaurants to take enough photos? I can just imagine myself furiously snapping tho before someone comes in….heehee

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I joined the Bathroom Beauty Snappers…just before the deadline. This was so fun and silly!


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