old books up there in the library….** revised

Oh my goodness.  This morning I played around with the different themes at wordpress.  I thought maybe I need a bit of a different look on this lovely Sunday morning when I don’t have too much time to actually be sitting here.  I had been thinking of packing up and finding a new location on blogspot recently.  Anyway I tried this one which I previewed with my own header and when I applied it I ended up with this library of old books as a header.  hmmmm…  Well for now I will leave it.  What do you think about those books up there? I will have to think this whole situation out next time.

**  Since writing this post I’ve temporarily put up a new header taken a couple of weeks ago at the cottage.  It was just dusktime… wouldn’t those branches and cones look beautiful with tuffs of snow on them in a winter scene?

I’ve left you with a pic of the flowers hanging outside the love Bunny’s (Marc) cottage front door.  They are always a delight as you enter.

I hope this Sunday is filled with everything lovely you had hoped for….



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One response to “old books up there in the library….** revised

  1. Morning Judi, I think the old books look nice. I don’t really know how to change anything on my blog yet. Oh, I’m sorry your forgot about our mission. Well, you can take your picuture in your own bathroom if you’d like. We have one brave Diva who is a Bathroom Beauty Diva this morning and that’s what she did – right in her own bathroom. I’m just excited you’re going to do this for me!
    Be a sweetie,

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