From a Garden Globe to a New Flower Garden

So one thing leads to another….the garden globe I picked up on Friday needed a nice flower garden around it.  I took the picture above on Friday.  Those green plants you see were along the side and back of the shed with a rose bush in the back.  

Today I removed most of those plants, the weeds, widened the area and went back and forth to the garden centre to buy some dirt and plants.   This is how the flower bed looks now at the side…..  I planted some perennials; a daisy, euchanasia, lobenia, rodenbeckia, lavender, a hosta and then added a few annuals.  This is the back….   Its a little late in the season to get really big.  I wish I had found that darn garden globe 2 months ago.  However next year the perennials will start to fill out.  It was a beautiful day with a lovely breeze which was good because it was a hot job.  Now,  the Love Bunny doesn’t know I’ve done this rearranging…hopefully he’ll like it.


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2 responses to “From a Garden Globe to a New Flower Garden

  1. You show me up for the lazy mess I am! Good work, and in the hot summer, too!

  2. Good morning! You have been really busy! your globe looks so nice among those green leaves! Hope you’re not achey this morning after doing all your garden rearranging. Thanks for popping in to see me and sharing in my joyness!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

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