Daily Archives: August 9, 2008

The Rains Finally Came…

There were waterspouts on the lake yesterday not far from us.  We have been watching a storm wanting to brew for most of the afternoon.   That was too bad because we were planning to paint the fence by the water. It looked like rain but it just wasn’t happening although at one point we did see a rainbow   I  I took some closeups of the flowers in the flower box.            The love bunny waved with pluto his golf headcover from the shop where the flower box hangs.

We watched the gold finches hanging on to their mesh bag of treats as it swayed back and forth fiercely.   

The winds really picked up and there was thunder and this hurrendous cloud over the lake in front of us     They were very unusual and a bit scarey but they blew apart and past us.  Now we’re left with the rains that follow.  Rains to freshen the flowers…. 

How was your weather today?


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