Love Those Animals

Sally shared some very cute animal pictures today.  I thought of the cute pictures I have saved from emails I’ve received along the way of cute little animals and am sharing some with you also. 

In this situation the baby squirrel had lost its mom and family and mommy puppy had no problem adopting the squirrel.  Don’t they look lovely?     Youngsters just don’t have those prejudices and problems with those different to themselves.  Why does it have to change?


I wish I could remember how the story ended.  I think it must have been a happy ending how else could this shared animal love end.

And then the turtoise that adopted a baby hippo…









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4 responses to “Love Those Animals

  1. Ahh. Something about pictures of animals, especially young ones and babies.

  2. oooh how cute! aren’t baby animals the best….so sweet and innocent…then they grow up to be naughty! well, my dog is anways!

  3. AW, how cute is this! Little sweet babies, don’t we just love them. Thanks for the smile!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. hi judi—–you use the mounts to stick the acrylics stamps to so that you have something to push down on when stamping……does that make sense?? i hope so! thanks for askin…you going to give stampin a try?

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