Summer of Flowers

This week Friday’s drive over the Burlington Skyway was a long and slow one.  A normally all the way up and all the way down took about 35 minutes because of road construction.  I flicked a picture as I sat there.

These are pretty flowers that belong to a neighbour’s yard a couple of cottages down.  Next year I would like to add a beautiful hydrangea to the flower bed I set up at Marc’s this summer.

Her rudenbackea are big and bold…..

She paints in watercolour and often pictures of her gardens.  She painted a lovely floral mural on the wall by her front door.

This summer there are more little spiders than usually and in no time at all they spin a web..everywhere…over and over again.  The sun shone through this one.



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5 responses to “Summer of Flowers

  1. Oh, that spiderweb with the sun coming through it makes such a terrific shot. You’re an exceptional photographer!

  2. I am with Sally, you are terrific with the camera. Hope they repair that road soon.

    Love your neighbour’s mural… friend has one too. Gardens are so relaxing…..I do miss sitting in one for a tiny part of the day. I must take the time to go sit in the park more often….although we do not have a lot of flowers in our parks…..more trees and shrubs.

  3. Jill

    BEAUTIFUL pictures! I don’t think anything says summer like those big, fluffy hydrangea!

  4. Good morning! Glad to see you at the blog!

    I feel your pain going back to work at the end of summer. I worked at Ohio Wesleyan University for three years and while my job was year-round, it was always bittersweet when the students returned. I adore summer and school always meant summer was ending.

    Your neighbor’s flowers are gorgeous! Very inspiring.

    As for my windows, it’s not hard, just time-consuming. There are a number of different means of painting on glass.

    Most of the time I choose to paint the painting three times — once in glass medium, which gives the glass “tooth” to hold the paint, once in acrylics to base everything in, and finish in layers of oils and a coat of varnish. Doesn’t take long to write that, but takes a long time to get all those layers painted and cured one at a time!!!

    But I never mind — it’s something I adore doing, and the finished product never, ever ceases to amaze me. Photos never do those windows justice.

    Well, I hear an easel calling my name, so must stop lolligagging. Have a wonderful week!

    Warmest regards, Ronda

  5. wow—-great mural! I would hate to have been you sitting in that trafic, I am sooooo impatient with that…I start getting antsy, lol!

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