Another Fitz & Floyd Salt & Pepper Set

I am sharing another Fitz and Floyd salt and pepper shaker set I adore.  One of them is a bunny and I love bunnies.  It isn’t the right season for this set but here it is anyway.  I had admired it for some time in the stores and a few years ago while the love bunny and I were in Houston right after Christmas I found it for a steal on clearance! 

Today I took a drive during lunch to do a little thrifting.  What was I thinking…not very much apparently because I didn’t realize I didn’t have my debit card with me.  At least not the one that has money in it.  I was really annoyed when I found a perfect sized white soup touraine.  I have wanted one so badly and there it was.  I had it in my hand along with a pretty Poppy china plate when it hit me that I had no money and couldn’t buy it.  They will only accept cash or the RIGHT debit card so with much regret I left them there.  I might make a bunny jaunt over there again tomorrow at lunch and see if it might still be there..*crossing my fingers*.  Now the bad thing about going there right away tomorrow is that there was also a 3 piece white cannister set I admired.  Today I was able to walk away from it but if its there tomorrow?  who knows…

Do you collect Fitz and Floyd pieces?   Is there something that you absolutely love to collect in F&F or something else?



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7 responses to “Another Fitz & Floyd Salt & Pepper Set

  1. If you keep it up, you might save enough to tour Europe!

  2. Hi,
    I came across your blog through Sally. I love Fritz and Floyd. I collect cookie jars and I have four. I love your figurines. So cute….

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you go to the post called Blueberry scones and dev cream and click the picture you will see part of my cookie jar. I hope you have a nice evening.

  4. thanks for the visit! I love your blog…will be back often…I am not always a big comment leaver…but will try to think of something to say if I can!

  5. Hi Judi! Oh, I’m so glad you got a pie bird! Aren’t they the cutest little things! and red transferware! I’m loving it!! I’m back from my trip and am going to share it with Blogland, so come by to see me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. Good morning, Judi!! Oh, you should have just popped in hubby’s suitcase! lol Thanks for coming by and I’m still excited for you about the pie birds!! I wonder if anyone really uses them anymore? I think they’re too cute to actually use, don’t you?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  7. Hello again,
    You left me a comment about how to post an award. I answered it in the comment section on the award post. I hope you got it and I hope it helped.

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