An Evening of Production

 A few days ago I posted about forgetting my debit card at home when I was thrifting.  It is really impossible especially when you find something you really want and have to leave it behind.  Anyway today I had a 1/2 day vacation and I had to check if the soup tourine might still be there.  I was pretty excited because it was!    Isn’t it pretty?  It will be perfect for serving some hearty soups and stews this winter.  I had also seen 3 white canisters but only one was still there.  That was perfect because it was the smaller one and I wanted it for tea bags  

So they sit together in a new found spot.    I’ll show you the little white pear salt shaker another time.  Its really neat. 

I’ve found a lovely blog called tootsietime that belongs to  Glenda  from Alberta, Canada.  She has a beautiful garden and she gives a great tutorial for making a garden ornament out of a teacup and teapot.  I loved it.  So I also found this tea set (its the teapot that sits on a large cup) and I found the saucer separately .  I hope it won’t break when I try to drill into them.   

Tomorrow the love bunny is going to Las Vegas to meet his son who lives in Hawaii.  It will be a guy’s weekend that will last until Wednesday.  I’m home this weekend therefore and will watch my granddaughter on Saturday evening.  The rest of the time so far is my own so I’ll see what I can catch up on.  Today I’m sewing my geisha bag….I have a lap quilt to finish up…and all kinds of things I want to start to do, including Glenda’s garden tea party project.  I hope by the end of the weekend I’ll be able to show you some of my fruits of labour.  I will be disappointed with me if I don’t. 

Have a lovely evening…I’m off to sew.  Judi


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6 responses to “An Evening of Production

  1. oh girl…good luck! please let me know if you post a photo of it!

  2. Oh, you will NOT believe this! I have the exact same white gravy bowl that is pictured in the top picture!

    BTW: I don’t know if you ever got the directions for picking up your awards. Just click and drag the award onto your desktop and then you can load it onto your blog site.

  3. Love your blog…thanks for commenting on my Goodwill cabinet. I do intend to paint it. It is on hold until I decide if i will do a more fun color on a new home kitchen. Am playing with buttery yellow over blue and then beat up to show the blue.

  4. Hi Judi! I’m going to have to come back and read your post – I’m loving that gorgeous soup tureen. Okay, to answer your question…just right click on the bathroom diva logo and save it – remember where you save it. Then go to the right hand corner of your blog where it says Customise. It should open up in a way you can edit things. Then go to the side bar parts and click on the place you would like to put this logo in ( I think mine has little spaces that say ‘picture’ ) and another window should open up and then you can ‘add’ your logo. Is that totally confusing? I hope not. Let me know if you’re able to get it there.

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. You were lucky or I guess maybe it was meant for you! Looking forward to seeing your sewing….one good thing to come out of the boys time together!

    Good luck drilling the china. I love the use of pretty but chipped china in mosaics….there is a blog somewhere where she uses Royal Albert Country Roses for mosaics….they would have to be beyond repair wouldn’t they?

  6. I think I got her by way of Gollum or maybe Tootsie! Anyways I am glad I am here- great blog! Look forward to reading more! 🙂 mary

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