Whats in the Left Hand?

So…can you guess what I’ve been up to the past couple of days???   Ladies, lower your spouts up with your handles and  the tea time race is on!  Thats what these teapot set garden feeders remind me of.      While it was so difficult for me to blog  and even utter very much in the way of comments because I couldn’t type…it was not so difficult for me to drill with my left hand and so I did!  I’ve been happy to have been able to keep thrifting these one cup teapot/teacup sets.  I’ve been surprised how these particular items are constantly replenished at the thrift shop.  It seems they are wayyy more popular wth me than with people who own them.  

My best girlfriend and her hubby are taking a 2 week trip from Canada through the States and then eastern Canada.  They’ll be spending a night or 2 with us this weekend so I thought I would make one for her belated birthday.     So, there’s one for me….. one for my wheelbarrow at Marcs…one for my mother…one for my girlfriend.  I just don’t know which one to give her.  What do you think? 

I wanted to show you my cabinet with the ruby band diamond point set, I found while thrifting recently, which is at the front along with a recent ebay Spode plate “Woodman”.   

A friend gave me the lovely red crystal Christmas tree ornament sitting in the vintage candy dish a few years ago.  I treasure it and it hasn’t made it on the tree yet.

I hope you have a simply lovely day.



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4 responses to “Whats in the Left Hand?

  1. Love the Spode Judi…the ruby band looks stunning against it. Wow, wonder why people do not like the cup and teapot sets….they get rid of so many of them….I think the cups are a great size for coffee.

    You will have some great gift ideas there for Christmas…do you think you could sell them on your etsy store or would they be too difficult to package? A lot of people sell ceramics on etsy…. but these are special!

  2. You’re a crafty person!

    I do love Spode.

  3. Morning, Judi! Oh, how precious these are! You’re the most creative one!! Glad you continue to do what you love while your little dainty hand was healing! I love this vignette! I love Spode plates and have a few myself the glass dish with the red trim is so beautiful!! Oh, I just love looking at pretties!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. Jan

    Good Morning, Judi…

    I just love your TeaPot/Cup Feeders!! How ingenious!!

    The Spode plate is lovely…well, everything in your little vignette is lovely!!!

    Have a blessed day…


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