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Geisha Girl Fabric and Bunny Plate

My Noah’s Arc baby’s quilt was featured on a treasury.  That made me smile. 

I’ve been busy at work getting ready for the semester start-up and my routine at home seems to be different to what I’ve had fun with this summer.   I haven’t been crafting for a little while.  Tonight I’m working on a bag similar to the one I made in the spring from this gorgeous Geisha Girl fabric by Michael Miller.  I’ve beaded the fabric and now I’m ready to begin the actual cutting and sewing.  Fun. 

I also wanted to share another picture with you.  When my granddaughter, Madeline comes for dinner she eats from this special china, a bunny plate and bowl and I have a bunny placemat for her also.  Did I tell you today that I love bunnies…collecting bunnies but not the real kind.  Actually when I was allergy tested once although thankfully I am fine with cats and dogs, it was determined that I am very allergic to rabbits.   I also collect Fitz & Floyd and these bunny salt and pepper shakers are one of my first pieces.


 Cute aren’t they?  Tomorrow I’ll share another cute Fitz and Floyd set.

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Summer of Flowers

This week Friday’s drive over the Burlington Skyway was a long and slow one.  A normally all the way up and all the way down took about 35 minutes because of road construction.  I flicked a picture as I sat there.

These are pretty flowers that belong to a neighbour’s yard a couple of cottages down.  Next year I would like to add a beautiful hydrangea to the flower bed I set up at Marc’s this summer.

Her rudenbackea are big and bold…..

She paints in watercolour and often pictures of her gardens.  She painted a lovely floral mural on the wall by her front door.

This summer there are more little spiders than usually and in no time at all they spin a web..everywhere…over and over again.  The sun shone through this one.


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Ruby Band Diamond Point

Today I drove one of the ladies from work home.  I was so close to a thrift shop…I had to go in.  I found this beautiful 2 piece set with the little plastic spoon.  They were taped together and between the pieces was a slip of paper with careful washing instructions.   It also identified the pieces were made by the Indiana Glass Company.  I searched online and learned the pattern is a Ruby Band Diamond Point pattern.   It is in excellent like new condition and I’m loving them so much  I think I will be searching for more pieces.  


I think the top piece will probably serve up some delicious cranberry sauce, or chutney or my zucchini cucumber pickle relish.  Yum.  The bottom could be for pickles, or butter or would be lovely as a candy dish.  What a lucky day and buy for only $5.00.   I found some other treasures but I’ll share them another time.


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Love Those Animals

Sally shared some very cute animal pictures today.  I thought of the cute pictures I have saved from emails I’ve received along the way of cute little animals and am sharing some with you also. 

In this situation the baby squirrel had lost its mom and family and mommy puppy had no problem adopting the squirrel.  Don’t they look lovely?     Youngsters just don’t have those prejudices and problems with those different to themselves.  Why does it have to change?


I wish I could remember how the story ended.  I think it must have been a happy ending how else could this shared animal love end.

And then the turtoise that adopted a baby hippo…








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Quick Sausage and Sauce over Fresh Linguine Pasta

  This is my donkey’s tail.  I planted 6 short tails last spring and this is how pretty mama’s little donkey is just a year later.   Its a fun plant to grow because when it drops any of its little pieces, I just drop them back into the soil.  These begin growing in no time.  I’ve learned the amount of water it requires to keep it from thinking its time to multiply.

When I got back yesterday after being away 10 days I watered all my plant babies (although my son had been by to water them).  I think my donkey’s tail wanted to reach up and hug me.   I’ve never seen it look like this.  Normally it hangs.  I guess it just missed me.

After a day back to work I wanted something relatively easy but yummy for dinner.    Do you use the Hillshire Farms Kielbassa or Sausage?  I can’t buy them here but buy them when I’m in the states and keep some in my freezer.  I used the Turkey Kielbassa this time.  The fat content is lower than usual sausage and its so tasty.     I sliced up some green pepper, 2 stalks of celery, about 1/4 of a sweet onion and sauted them in a fry pan with some olive oil.  I cooked that until the onions were softening and yellowy and then I added about 1/2 the sausage sliced diagnally.  I stirred everything together and cooked until the sausage was slightly browned.  Then I added approximately 1/2 jar of sweet and sour sauce (you can adjust to your liking) stirring it altogether as well as about 1/2 cup of water to that and continued cooking to heat through.  You can add a dash or two of tabasco sauce if you’d like a little heat.  I served it over some fresh linguine pasta along with a fresh salad.  Very fast and very yum!


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A Little Humour to Share

I’m back to work today after 3 weeks.  This is not fun.  Going back never is.   Not only does it mark the end of this vacation stretch, it marks a closer spot to the end of summer too.  Working in a College its the beginning of working through another new semester.  *sigh*.   I sure did have a good time.   But that doesn’t mean that fun has to end right?  There’s plenty of fun you just have to continue to make and enjoy it. 

I was sent this little funny today and I wanted to share it with you.  

One day God was looking down at earth and saw all of the
> misbehaving that was going on. So he called one of his angels to go to
> Earth for a time.
> When he returned, the angel told God, “Yes, it is bad on
> Earth; 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not.”
> God thought for a moment and said , “Maybe I had better
> send down another angel to get a second opinion”
> So God called another angel and sent him to Earth for a
> time too.
> When the angel returned he went to God and said, “Yes,
> it’s true. The Earth is in decline; 95% are misbehaving, but 5% are
> being good.”
> God was not pleased. So he decided to e-mail the 5% who
> were good, because he wanted to encourage them, give them a little
> something to help them keep going.
> Do you know what the e-mail said?
> No?
> Okay, just checking with you. I didn’t get one either…


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The Rains Finally Came…

There were waterspouts on the lake yesterday not far from us.  We have been watching a storm wanting to brew for most of the afternoon.   That was too bad because we were planning to paint the fence by the water. It looked like rain but it just wasn’t happening although at one point we did see a rainbow   I  I took some closeups of the flowers in the flower box.            The love bunny waved with pluto his golf headcover from the shop where the flower box hangs.

We watched the gold finches hanging on to their mesh bag of treats as it swayed back and forth fiercely.   

The winds really picked up and there was thunder and this hurrendous cloud over the lake in front of us     They were very unusual and a bit scarey but they blew apart and past us.  Now we’re left with the rains that follow.  Rains to freshen the flowers…. 

How was your weather today?


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