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Super Commenter Award

Last week Sally presented me with an award! The Award is for being that, a super commenter and I was very happy to receive it.   Sally’s blog is very interesting.  I enjoy reading her stories and participating in the questions she asked her friends related to the topic.  She posts cartoons which can be thought provoking or worth quite a chuckle.  She herself is a super commenter.

I was honoured to receive the Super Commenter Award.  I enjoy reading blogs and like to add my comment as one would do when having a conversation with someone.  It lets the person know that you visited and that you have taken the time to acknowledge what they’ve written.  I’ve learned a lot through reading blogs and through other people’s comments.   Blogland is a special place.  Thank you again.

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Trivia Friday Winner Announced & Labour Day Weekend

I hope you had a really nice long weekend.  This weekend marks the end of the CNE – Canadian National Exhibition which runs for 18 days in Toronto.  It is the 5th largest of its kind in North America.   I have been going to the CNE since I was really small and love it though we haven’t been  for a few years.  It also marks Labour Day and the kids start back to school tomorrow.  Fall is in the air in the mornings now even though the weather continues to be so hot and sunny.   I feel like its a bit of a sad time because “summer is almost over”.. *sigh* and I love summer, both summer and spring. 

By this time of year everything is so green and flowery and lush.  One of Marc’s neighbours grows tomatoes that are so huge and so sweet and just so darn yummy.  Sometimes I wonder what they put in that soil to make everything grow so well.


These  cherry tomatoes are literally growing all over the ground.  They literally look like they are trying to escape the garden….crawling to the grass…”grass is always greener on the other side”.

The beefsteak tomatoes are full on their stalks…


All the neighbours are invited to help themselves…and still its hard to keep ahead of them as they keep ripening almost in front of your eyes!  Oh the taste of a warm kissed by the sun sweet tomato, freshly picked!

The hibiscus are beautiful .


and the impatience…


Our window box is even more lovely now.  I love the ivy.  This is the first year we’ve put it in the box.


I found the perfect spot for the Teapot Set Garden Party set I made…in the wheel barrow.

My girlfriend who stopped by her with her husband for a night as they began their eastcoast vacation, just loved the one I made and gave her for her birthday.  Next year she is excited to set up an old wheelbarrow with flowers as I did and put her teapot in it also.   We all had such a fun weekend together and we were sorry they had to leave right after breakfast this morning. 

I gathered up my own things and left earlier also so that I wouldn’t be stuck in holiday traffic.  On the way I remembered what I’d forgotten to do!! Guess what it was?? Yup…I forgot to have the love bunny pick a Trivia Friday winner as I had planned.  When I got home I wrote down the names, and cut them into slips  

and put them into the bag.  I slipped my hand in and took a picture while the bag was actually partially closed, so I couldn’t see and cheat….  

I pulled out one of the slips of papers…and I couldn’t wait to open it to find out who the winner was…and … it was


Penny at Lavenderhillstudio  !!!  Congratulations Penny… if you email me your address I will mail the bag out to you.  

Now the answer to the Friday Trivia question, “which of the statements were TRUE??”  ALL the statements were TRUE!!   Now, go back to Question #16 and think about that one???  Yuckkkkyyyy…    Congratulations to Sheila and Judy and Laura for getting the right answer.  How clever they were.

I wanted to share the Pie Birds I had mailed to Marc’s place and opened up this weekend.  Now aren’t they pretty just waiting to sit on my next pie.  I think they are too pretty for that though.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday…we’re in for a short week.  :o)


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