Special Masterpiece

I remember one day years ago,  I had a vase of freshly picked red glads from my garden on my kitchen table.  While I was going about doing whatever I was doing in the kitchen my son who was 14 at the time sat at the table and we were sharing a nice conversation.  I remember him taking out one of the stems of flowers putting it down on the table and painting its picture on a piece of  paper.   I can’t recall whether he used my folk art paints or his model airplane paints but all of a sudden some artist in him appeared and he painted those glads beautifully.   Even the red paint is raised  giving it a realistic look.  He didn’t seem to be as impressed by it as I was and I don’t ever remember him painting a picture after that day. 

That painting has travelled around with me.   It never was put into a safe and secure spot but no matter that we moved a couple of times, and it would appear and was tucked someplace else, it would always seem to end up in some drawer safe and sound.  Finally after some years I decided to frame it.

I had saved an old picture frame from being thrown out years ago at work and I’ve kept it tucked someplace under my desk.  I brought it home last week.       

I have been reading about all the neat things you ladies have been painting with spray paint lately.  Tonight I took out a can of white spray paint and sprayed the old, outer wooden sections of the frame. 

Inside I placed Geoff’s picture which has become yellowed through the years and has a crumply effect adding even more interest.  Tomorrow I’ll reposition the back section so that I can hang it back on the wall.   Geoff is now 31 and  I am so grateful that picture stayed with me. It is becoming more and more dear to my heart with each passing year.

Do you  have something that is especially dear to your heart given to you by one of your children?



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5 responses to “Special Masterpiece

  1. What a beautiful idea for a special keepsake.

  2. Hi Judi! Oh, how sweet that your son just painted this out of the blue. He definately has “artist” in him! I’ll bet he’ll be so pleased to see it hanging on your wall.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. Hi Judi,

    My son who just left for university was a wonderful
    artist until his Grade one teacher said his art wasn’t
    good enough. In Graded four or so he made a small relief painting from plasticine of Dolphins playing in the ocean. I loved it, but last year he threw it out when friends were coming over, because he didn’t want them to think he was a baby! By the time I found out the garbage had been collected. I was so

    Your son’s painting is beautiful.

    Wonderful blog.


  4. That should read Grade four, sorry it’s late.


  5. Barbara
    Oh darn I’m sorry your son threw out his masterpiece! That wasn’t nice of his teacher to him that when he was young….does he ever paint now?

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