Blue Monday

Today I’m participating in Sally’s Blue Monday .  I am not really a blue person.  I admire all the different shades of blues but I just can’t do it in my home.  I’ve tried.  I remember even as a teenager I realized I didn’t have anything blue except blue jeans.  Now I will wear navy blue and a certain pale blue but thats about it.

However I did manage to find 3 little blue items in my home so probably this will be the last Blue Monday I’ll be able to participating.  Now thats making me feel blue!


I have a spoon rest and it has lavender on it. I really like lavender, the colour, the flower and the scent.  This little spoonrest sits on my stove and comes in very handy.   

My mother visited Finland this summer and she bought me back this blue and white tea bag plate that was made in Finland.    I like the little blue bell flowers on it.  It also sits on my stove and I love to use it.  It makes tea time special. 

I recently purchased these little Pie Birds from ebay. 

I missed out on the white ones but I do like these little guys.  I haven’t used them yet and I think they are too pretty to use.  I like their happy little red feet and beak.   Thank you for allowing me to share my blue with you on Blue Monday.  Be sure to click over to Sally’s blog to see more lovely blues.


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10 responses to “Blue Monday

  1. I think that touches of blue are sometimes more effective than buckets of it. Thank you for sharing your kitchen items and the stories that go along with them.

    There’s so much blue in our world; surely you’ll be able to participate again. I hope so.

  2. Jan

    Love the pie birds!

    Were you going to post about the Tea Party today, too?


  3. Those little birds are so cute. Have a happy day…

  4. Love your white goods and agree with Sally that a touch of blue is very effective especially with your white goods.

  5. Ellen

    I enjoyed all your sweet blue items in your home. Maybe you can step outside and take a photo of the blue sky for next week :0)

  6. The blue items that you shared are lovely! The birds are quite cute. I hope you can find more blue to share.

    take care,

  7. I love those pie birds! I think you should carry your camera with you everywhere and look for blue things!
    Or go to flickr!

  8. Hi Judi! I love your blueness today and especially those little pie birds! How precious they are. Thanks so much for visiting my tea party!
    You’re so kind.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. Your little bit of blue is wonderful and I agree with the others – I don’t leave home without my camera! Explore for blue!

  10. I absolutely LOVE your little blue pie birdies…..I don’t bake pies at all but I am wanting to find some cute pie birdies for my china cabinet….they always look like they are singing their little hearts out up to heaven to me…. 🙂

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