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A New Teapot Garden Party for the Birds

It was raining soooo hard on my drive home on Sunday, that I got off the busy highway and got myself a Tim Horton’s coffee.  I stopped at an antique store next door to it.  I just fell in love with this teapot, with its matching vegetable bowl and 4 dessert bowls.   These are a few of my favourite colours.   It has some lovely little yellow and green flowers with the green leaves set on a nice white background.  I was looking for a set to make another teapot garden party birdfeeder.  A friend wanted one. 

I so wanted to just keep it for myself without drilling into them and I was going to be soooo sorry if I broke a piece doing so.  It didn’t break so at least I felt better about that.  Don’t you think it turned out pretty?   That bolt should have been sprayed white before I put it together but I’ll cover the set and spray it carefully.  I’m going to give it to her with some bird seed in an organza bag with a little cute label on it.

 It would make a lovely conversation piece just sitting on a washstand or a buffet table.  Maybe this isn’t the one she will choose…maybe it was meant for me.



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