A New Teapot Garden Party for the Birds

It was raining soooo hard on my drive home on Sunday, that I got off the busy highway and got myself a Tim Horton’s coffee.  I stopped at an antique store next door to it.  I just fell in love with this teapot, with its matching vegetable bowl and 4 dessert bowls.   These are a few of my favourite colours.   It has some lovely little yellow and green flowers with the green leaves set on a nice white background.  I was looking for a set to make another teapot garden party birdfeeder.  A friend wanted one. 

I so wanted to just keep it for myself without drilling into them and I was going to be soooo sorry if I broke a piece doing so.  It didn’t break so at least I felt better about that.  Don’t you think it turned out pretty?   That bolt should have been sprayed white before I put it together but I’ll cover the set and spray it carefully.  I’m going to give it to her with some bird seed in an organza bag with a little cute label on it.

 It would make a lovely conversation piece just sitting on a washstand or a buffet table.  Maybe this isn’t the one she will choose…maybe it was meant for me.



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7 responses to “A New Teapot Garden Party for the Birds

  1. It’s beautiful; I still can’t get over that you can DO this!

    The video is working fine. Maybe you clicked on the same time as others and it froze for you, but it’s good to go. Come back if you can; it’s worth the trip.

  2. Good morning, Judi! Oh, I would take this teapot cutie! It’s just lovely. I’m so amazed you do this ~ that you can drill holes in these delicate pieces! So pretty. Thanks for popping in to look at my table. You made my day with your comments!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. OMG……that is ABSOLUTELY fabulous. I couldn’t let that one go….it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. That is a gorgeous shape Judi…do you think it is a coffee pot by any chance? What are it’s dimensions….is it a pot for one? Imagine if you found some with a compote stand…it would be stunning!

  5. Hi Kathleen
    I thought it was more like a coffee pot too…at the antique store they called it a teapot…I thought I’d just call it a teapot too because thats what I was looking for. I don’t know…

  6. What a beautiful creation! You are very talented. I think I would be afraid to try it! Nice work.

    take care,

  7. Hi Judy,
    Love the teapot birdfeeder. Now I’m curious…how do you drill holes in the glass???

    thanks for stopping by and visiting me. I love new blogs to explore!

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