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9/11 Remembered – Always


God Bless The USA

Where were you on September 11, 2001when tragedy struck at the World Trade Center? 

For me it was just another morning at work in Canada, as it was suppoed to be for many others in New York.  My son called to tell me to put the radio on that there had been a terrible accident…that a passenger airplane had just hit the World Trade Center!  In one of our offices was a little TV and my co-workers and I rushed in to turn it on.   We saw the 2nd airplane hit the building and quickly learned it wasn’t an accident.  It was so devastating…everything around us was buzzing…and then we had silence.  It just couldn’t be real.

In all the aftermath, as in the United States, we in Canada and across the world realized how vulnerable we are.  Since that day we have seen and felt the pain of the families, friends, co-workers, neighbours, everyone involved with that day and who continue to try to understand. 

I’m not an American.  My significant other is,  but that doesn’t matter because I would still love Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the USA” (click to hear it at the top).   It has wonderful strength and passion as do our Neighbours.  So when I hear the words I think of the U.S.A.,  and I think of Canada and I think of the everlasting hope for peace around the world.  May it begin with this new day……as we remember 9/11.


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