Blue Monday

Blue Monday   Sally  from SmilingSally is hosting Blue Monday  today.  Be sure to go to her blog and see all the other lovely blue goodies.  I am participating today and found some more blue in my home and I took a picture outdoors as well!  I had worked for 7 years part-time in a home-furnishings store, in addition to my fulltime job.  Beside the cash was a big basket with some very dry soil and a crooked african violet sat lopsided on one side of it.  It had huge leaves, a long, bare spine and it was always, always FULL of flowers.   It was amazing because it never saw real light and I used to call her “Matilda”.  When she was rather dry I’d take the whole basket to the back and give her a good soak.  Then she’d just sit there again flowering….and become really dry and so the pattern continued.  

We knew our store was going to close at some point.  Without our knowing it our manager took 14 leaves from Matilda and rooted them.  She potted each one and they grew leaves very quickly.  We had a farewell party once the store did close and we were all touched to tears when we were given a little pot of “Matilda”.  I’ve had her for 3 years and she is so large and has beautiful leaves but has only flowered one little flower…until right now.  I was so excited to see these little flowers sprouting.  Baby Matilda… 

I was given this ceramic container full of cookies.  I have managed to keep it in my kitchen and inside I place receipts I want to keep for a while and not lose. 

I also want to show the hydrangeas again that are growing in a neighbour’s yard at the cottage.  Oh how I love them.  I love this colour and hope to plant some myself next year. 

A couple of years ago when the Love Bunny and I went to Vegas we purchased  an F.A.O Schwarz  mug for him and one for me.  We keep them at my place.  His is the blue one and mine is red.     Its a great size mug with great size memories.



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12 responses to “Blue Monday

  1. Such a nice story about a manager who cared. Matilda would have a special place in my home too! I really like the ceramic container; that’s unique.
    When I was a child, my daddy grew three blue hydrangeas bushes across the front of our house. He had a green thumb, and they were gorgeous.

  2. I really like the idea of that jar holding your receipts! I have mone all over the place, in my wallet, in the car, at the bottom of shopping bags, never any rhyme or reason to it all……I really need to be more organized with them, so your cookie jar idea looks perfect (If i can remember to do this!!)–lovely pics, too!

  3. Ellen

    How sweet the story is of your Matilda! That was so thoughtful a gesture. I enjoyed all the rest of your blue too. The hydrangea is such a beautiful blue…

  4. I enjoyed reading your post. All of your blue is lovely.

  5. The story of Matilda is so sweet. Happy Blue Monday. See you around!

  6. That is a lovely story about the African violet. My grandmother always had African violets growing in her house.

    I like the little canister as well. I am never as good as I’d like to be with my receipts.

    What a pretty hydrangea!

    Happy Blue Monday.

    take care,

  7. Love all you Blue Monday photos. I used to raise African Violets. They are a great house plant. If watered and enough light they will bloom all the time. They really like sunlight from the east. Take Care!!

  8. I love blue hydrangeas! We have a bush of them in our yard but I think it is about done blooming this year.

    Love the story of Matilda. Your receipt container and mug are cute!

  9. I’m planting hydrangeas next year, too! Don’t forget to put some iron in the soil to get them to turn blue!

  10. What a beautiful African violet! My grandmother raised them and sold them, but alas, I always managed to kill them. I still think they are amazing flowers. Also love that hydrangea, another of my favorite flowers!


  11. Such an interesting range of lovely blues.

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