Busy Week & Outrageous Brownies and Sick!

Really tired….and didn’t realize it….

This week sure has been busy.  I am again facilitating Personality Dimensions to many first year student classes.    This week I have 5 of them scheduled.  Two yesterday, one today, one Thursday and one on Friday.  Each session is almost 3 hours.  On top of that my regular work is busy.  I sure put in my time with lecturing in that workshop, then getting the students oriented on  using PD cards  to determine their preferred Temperament style.  Then we have a mass confusion while I try to get them into groups to work on some questions, they present to the class and then I tie it altogether for them.  In between that I run from front to back,  to side to back to front to side of the class, clarifying what it is they are doing.  Its rather crazy I think but I love it anyway.

Anyway…. After  6 hours of that yesterday I couldn’t wait to get home to have a soothing cup of tea and put my feet up.  At the time it never occurred to me that I really got home 2 hours later than usual as a result and it was too late for me to be drinking tea if I was going to plan on sleeping that night…  caffeine…

So I was up most of the night, wandering  around and blogging and crawling back to sleep and walking…you know?  It was not much fun.  Today I dragged myself through another busy day catching up and then I had a another late Personality Dimensions workshop and got home 2 hours later again. .   Somewhere between feeling tired and wanting to relax I had chocolate on my mind.  Somewhere I forgot the reason why I was sleepy when I decided I would make the 10 minute each way walk to the store for “exercise sake”, to buy chocolate for the Outrageous Brownies I was going to bake.  Back at home I changed into comfy clothes and started melting chocolate only to realize I had no flour!!!  I changed BACK into my outdoor clothes  and walked  my sore feet to a closer convenience store to buy the flour….so that’s why I forgot to take pics of the process of making these brownies I wanted to share with you….especially to show you allll the chocolate going into it!  This is the Outrageous Brownies recipe   full of all goodness!  Try it and if you do be sure to come back and let me know what YOU think.  YUMMMMY!

But…this is how they look coming out of the oven.  At  9:45 p.m. last night this is finally how all my dishes look after I’d cleaned up after mixing the brownies.    and like this   and this   …just a helter skelter of a wash….  It’s a bigggg pan of chocolate a whole 36 oz of chocolate … 3 different kinds and nuts too!  AND I can’t dare have a taste tonight because…caffeine..you know…I’d be up half the night again.   You know…sometimes you just forget how tired you are until you are realllly tired.    Nite nite….

update…now I never did post that last night.  I was just tooo tired!  Today I brought in a big plate of the brownies to share at work.  Soon after my tiredness and headachy and achey feelings of this week sprung on me and I realized I’ve been fighting some kind of “bug” thats been going around at work.   I came home and have been sleeping it off all afternoon.  I’m sitting here for a minute sending these pics to you and back to bed I go.  Nite nite again….

Hope YOU have had a lovely day.




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5 responses to “Busy Week & Outrageous Brownies and Sick!

  1. Aww, are you sure it’s a bug and you didn’t eat too many of those brownies?

    Seriously, I hope you’re feeling better after your sleep.

  2. Those brownies look chocolaty good!!! I had a large ice coffee yesterday afternoon and sleeping was not coming easily to me! To make matters worse I was at school for 13 hours today. I am beat!!!

    I hope the rest helps you to feel better.

    take care,

  3. hi Judi, thanks for popping by my blog

    sorry about the sleep, I don’t get that too often but it’s horrid when it happens, you did make me laugh when you walked to the shop for chocolate, I do things like that all the time, justify this with that hahaha!

    re your questions, the paint is simple, cheapest emulsion I can find, pure white

    mistreatment is the fact that I nailed it on with upholstery tacks, not sewed anything, look at Nesters blog for more

    happy blogging


  4. I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope it doesn’t last too long. Thanks for the recipe. I love brownies. I’ll have to try to make some soon. Thanks for your e-mail. I don’t think I’ll be changing my blog server any time soon. I am just getting the hang of this one, but I do like this comment form better. Sounds like you have a great job. Take care of yourself. See you later.

  5. You do write a good blog entry….a tired, sick chocaholic! Think I shall try that recipe…although hate all that washing up! Hope you are back to normal by now.

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