You Just Never Know….

I wonder how we survived without internet before?  Do you ever wonder?  Everything is just a few clicks away including good friends, their inspirations, their ideas…thoughts…joys… and I so love it.

I have a lot of interests and I can be quite spontaneous.  Reading everyone’s lovely blog has given me more interests, awareness and inspiration.  Remember some time back I visited Tootsie and made what I’m calling a    Teapot Part Garden Birdfeeder? 

I made one for my girlfriend’s birthday….put one in the wheelbarrow at the cottage… ….

then I had my table “adorned” with these cute little one cuppers…    Are they not sweet???? 

A lady at work thought it would be an ideal gift to take a “High Tea Wedding” and asked me to make one for her.    I decided after making one that I’d continue making the others so she would have a choice….    

   I added little tags with instructions and  adorned each one with an organza bag of birdfeed…     and brought them all in to work.   Everyone just thought they were so cute and I sold them all.   I was sooo surprised and happy that others had the same response to them as I did.  I ended up with 7 additional orders.  The fun turned into some profit along the way.  You just never know….


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7 responses to “You Just Never Know….

  1. Looks like this is a winning idea! I think so.

  2. I am not surprised Judi, they are gorgeous..I just wish we were closer so I could find you teapots etc.

    Do you think they could be sold on etsy or would the shipping and possible breakages put you off? People do seem to sell breakables but am not confident myself with shipping breakables.

    Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. You are so industrious and talented. I am excited about the internet, too, but I haven’t discovered any way for me to make money from it. Alas, I will be substitute teaching tomorrow to make my extra money. Have a nice evening.

  4. bj

    Well, these are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. If you decide to sell thru an Etsy shop or whatever, be sure to let me know…I would LOVE to buy one of these cuties….
    Sure hope you are feeling much better by now…oh, and I can hardly wait to try your brownies. I DO LOVE CHOCOLATE…and nuts….and sugar….and……………………

  5. Those are absolutely adorable…I think I have said that before…lol. Anyway, looks like you have stumbled across a GREAT way to make some extra money!!! I would buy one!!!

  6. These bird feeders are wonderful! I wanted to say thanks for commenting on the Blogway Project. It was so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I think they are goregous!!!! If you brought them to work where I am I would have bought some from you too! They would make lovely gifts!!!! I’m impressed with your talents.

    take care,

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