Fun Weird Trivia Friday Facts & Thrift Find

I hope everyone has had a good week..and now we’re getting into the weekend..yahooo…

I am sharing some Fun Weird Trivia Facts for Friday….some more important stuff (or not) that you may be interested in knowing.  Sometimes you may end up in conversation with someone who thinks they know EVERYTHING…well maybe these facts will come in handy.  Maybe you’ll show that person just how clever you really are…or…ummmm..maybe you are at a party and…you don’t know what to say to someone you’ve just met and you could say “Hey did you know that…????… well you know what I mean.

First let me share my thrifting.  Last night I did a little thrifting just looking for one thing…the 1 cup teapot sets.  I could not find any so I allowed myself to come home with one find.  Its a pretty silver tray with little feet that appears to be treated not to tarnish. 

Just perfect for my perfumes in my room.

and here is the Friday Trivia…

Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating.

Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia.

Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult.

When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second.

A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood.

During your lifetime, you’ll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that’s the weight of about 6 elephants.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h.

There wasn’t a single pony in the Pony Express, just horses.

Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.





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7 responses to “Fun Weird Trivia Friday Facts & Thrift Find

  1. I didn’t know any of this stuff although I should have realized that fingernails grew faster. I just cut mine last night.

    Funny, I bit my nails most of my life, even though I admired long nails. Now that I’ve stopped biting them, I’m always amazed when they grow long enough that I must cut them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

    Love the fun facts! I feel smarter today… 🙂

  3. Only six elephants in a life time…I may eat more than that. I am eating less these days, however, and enjoying it more. Have a great day!

  4. Also, your perfume tray is very pretty. Treasure hunting IS fun, especially when you find something special!

  5. Great fun facts…makes me feel smarter already….hee hee

  6. The silver tray you got is very pretty!

    I love reading trivia! Ewww about the tablecloth. Can you imagine guest coming over and doing that today?

    take care,

  7. cha0sth30ri

    My son does the morning announcements at school..along with all the activities and changes in classes he also gives them a random trivia question. He used the breaking glass at 3000 mph fact this morning. Thanks to you!! I’ll continue to check your website just to see what random knowledge you might teach me each day…Thanks again. Christi Brown

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