Blue Monday

Another Monday and its a Blue Monday! 




Sally is hosting Blue Monday.  Click over to her blog and see what she and the other ladies are sharing on this Blue Monday.   I am sharing with you a darling bird’s nest teapot that I came across recently in my quest for finding interesting teapots.     It has a blue bird feeding its babies.  Isn’t it cute?  I’ve been thinking of how it will become the next Teapot Garden Party birdfeeder.  

Do you have bird’s nests in your yard?  Have you had a bird built a nest in a strange spot…over your front light…in your flower box?  My mom has a deck that has 2 levels.  A robin built a nest under the top deck so that when you walk down to the lower level it is at eye level.  Mommy bird must have misjudged a safe spot or maybe she just felt comfortable and wanted show and tell.


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16 responses to “Blue Monday

  1. That’s a unique pot; I’ve never seen one like it.

    I am not aware of any nests, but I must have several as I hear plenty of birds chirping away. Living in South Florida means year-round blessings from birds. I actually have blue jays right outside my window! Happy Blue Monday!

  2. bj

    Birds tend to build nests in the corners of our carport….little sparrows mostly. Last year, we had a mourning dove build a nest right outside a bedroom window and we had the blessing of watching an egg hatch, see the little one grow, day by day and then watched as it flew away. I posted about it for weeks!!

    Your little teapot is just precious..I’ve not seen one like it before.

    Happy Day, bj

  3. Very pretty! Growing up we always had birds nesting in our trees out back!

  4. I adore that teapot. It’s a lovely place for a mother bluebird feeding her babies. A mother dove built her nest right ouside my dressing room window on top of my neighbor’s ladder. I enjoyed watching her hatch her eggs and feed her babies. She allowed me to photograph her youngins’ for my blog. Take care.

  5. I think your teapot is quite unique and beautiful. I have a sister in law who collects tea related things including teapots. She would go gaga over it. Please stop by later as I am announcing a giveaway today. Happy Blue Monday to you!

  6. Sooo pretty, and I love the shed of blue on the bird.

    We had small birds build a nest on a little space at the top of a post on our front porch a few times — we never knew if it was the same birds or new ones. It was fun watching the life cycle from behind our screen door, from the hatching to the parents brining food for the babies to coaxing them from the nest. I’ve also had them build nests in my hanging plants.

  7. Ellen

    What a fun teapot you found. I love the birds! I’ve been drawn to teapots lately…
    happy Monday and happy fall to you

  8. I love your teapot! They are fun things to collect! I always find birdnests in the darnest locations in my yard! My yard is a registered bird habitat so I have lots of birdhouses for them to nest in but they always chose the stupiest places!
    What a great picture for Blue Monday with the little blue bird!
    Love, Ann

  9. That is wonderful…what could be better than a blue bird on a teapot?

    No birds nests but we do have a lot of colourful native birds around and as we live in the middle floor of our apartment building we are virtually amongst them and they come over to visit us on our balcony. You have a lot of comments!

  10. I love the lil’ bluebird on your teapot. I also enjoyed seeing your teapot bird feeders…too cute!

  11. What a sweet little tea pot. I have bird houses and birds in my home and also outside. I change the birds around in my home on cleaning days so it looks as though they have flown from one place to another LOL

  12. That’s a nice looking teapot. Where do you find all of your teapots?

    I bought a birdhouse for decorations sake and I have discovered that birds like to build a nest in it!

    Happy Blue Monday.

    Take care,

  13. As I guessed we all love to share our trees and yard with birds. Thank you for sharing your comments. Seems we like teapots too. I’ve discovered teapots are not simply teapots anymore. Fun!

  14. Judi, I adore your tea pot. We have had a birds nest under our upper deck. You could watch it from our lower deck and we loved the whole process.


  15. that is cute lil blue bird pot.. Happy Blue Monday!..

  16. Hello Judi!

    LOVE your darling teapot with the sweet bird! I collect teapots to! Happy Blue Monday!


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