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Food Thoughts…

My mom is coming over this afternoon and I’m taking her to an eye appointment.  Then we’re having dinner at my place and she’s spending the night.   I made our dinner last night for tonight so we don’t have to take time for cooking.  It is a  Cheesy Chicken & Salsa dinner.  It looks yum and was easy to make.   If you haven’t subscribed to that FREE magazine you should.  Its available in Canada and the US.  It arrives about 4 times a year and the recipes are generally quick and easy.

Our office will find any excuse for a potluck and its the fastest answered email when we announce what it is we’re bringing to it.

So on Friday we’re having a potluck, “What would you like to bring to a deserted island”.  So I know its going to be a feast.  There are 13 in our office.  Yummy.  I am bringing a caesar style coleslaw which is cheating because I’m buying the premade bags of coleslaw mix.  I’m going to add 3 different peppers and some carrot slivers to the recipe above.  I think it’ll be just perfect! 

As I sat here thinking about food I remembered my sister-in-law’s 60th birthday this past January.  Her hubby planned a birthday party for her and we had such fun.  The food was fabulous and I want to share her cake with you.  It was made by a close baker friend of theirs.   

Carol loves to travel so I think thats where the theme for the cake came from.  This is another angle.  Isn’t it great?   and I believe the bottom suitcase layer was chocolate and the upper part was…hmmmm…another flavour and it not only looked great it TASTED great which is very important.  hmmmmmm…I think I’d love to have a piece of that cake right now.   

This is a picture I like of my eldest son and I taken at the birthday party.    

 Anyway thats what I wanted to share with you today.  This same lady made gingerbread houses for her son’s wedding.  There was one on every table and they were VERY nice.   We played a game and I won the one on our table and gave it to Madeline.  The head table had a lovely gingerbread chapel. 

Have a great day.



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