Mom’s Birthday Celebration

Today is my mom’s birthday however because she lives an hour away from the rest of us we celebrated the day on Sunday.  First we met at her place and she opened some presents.  We visited for a little while and then drove to the Mandarin Chinese Restaurant.  We enjoyed a fabulous buffet……mmmmmm it was Yum!  It was such a nice celebration.  The waiter came over and sang Happy Birthday to her and brought her a piece of cake with a lit candle.  Let me tell you we had eaten sooo much dessert by that time that she was happy to take her cake home in a “doggy” bag.

I wanted to share some pictures of us we took on Sunday.    This is mom loving a gift she received         

  This is my eldest son Geoff, his wife Robyn and Madeline.  There were looking very happy.

 This is my younger son Richard and his girlfriend Eva.

  This is a closeup of Madeline.

         … and my mom and I.  She is 79 years young today.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I had driven home from Marc’s that morning and we missed not having him there with us.  We all sadly missed my father also……



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8 responses to “Mom’s Birthday Celebration

  1. Your mother is beautiful. I know she enjoyed her birthday celebration with her family. I get to see my mom today, so I’ll be having a good time with her. Thanks for sharing your family’s pictures. Take care.

  2. Oh, Judi, your mom is so pretty; you look like her, you lucky devil.

  3. A very happy birthday to your mother!!! She looks wonderful and certainly not 79 years old! The birthday dinner sound delicious!! I’m glad you got to spend time with her. You both look very cute together!

    take care,

  4. It looks like a great time was had by all…esp. the birthday MOM!!! Great pictures!!

  5. Hi Judi, thanks for stopping by. Happy Birthday to your mom, she is lovely, and so is your family.

  6. I enjoyed meeting your family. It looks like all of you had a wonderful time. You are so blessed to have your mother. Send Happy Birthday wishes to her from Charli and me.

  7. Thanks for dropping by. I had so much fun with my mom yesterday. I just wish she could have stayed longer, but Dad is always in such a big hurry to get back to the cows. I can’t believe it has been forty years since high school. I still feel so young. I know you do to. Take care. Love, Faith

  8. Wow I agree your mum is stunning and she passed it on too! Good to see you all had such a great time and a very happy late birthday to her.

    My goodness….I wonder how everyone manages not to spoil Madeline to bits…she is so very pretty!

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