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Rush’s Fall Veggies

On the weekend we drove to Rush’s to pick up some veggies for dinner.  I don’t know how their veggies get soooo big!    and not only are they bigggg they are soooo fresh and delicious.  We have been enjoying their corn all fall too.

Aren’t these broccoli bigggg..wonder how many one of these would feed for dinner?

  They had this big bin of gourds.  Wow.  I wanted to take them all home…it was just too hard to pick from all of them…


These cabbage were monsterous and only $2.00 each.  You can judge how large they are by how few fit in a basket.  Yummy.  I can just taste cabbage rolls…or saurkraut…or coleslaw…mmmmmmm….

 What about huge sticks of brussel sprouts???

Their pumpkin patches sure were filled with pumpkins.  I chose the bottom gourd and I’ll wait until its all dried out and then I’ll see what I can do with it.  Maybe it’ll be a swan….or a snake….or maybe just a pretty birdhouse.  Apparently I have to wait until next summer before its all dry and ready to be worked with.

Everything looked so good.  They made up little pumpkin decorations and sold cut flowers in mason jars.  They grow the flowers in a huge flower garden in the field beside this stand.   One stop shopping of delicious veggies and decorations.  This is what fall is all about!


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