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Hilton Apple Festival

The weekend weather was beautiful and just perfect for taking a sunny drive to the Hilton Apple Festival. 

  They had everything apple…apple sausage..apple popcorn…apple cider….warm caramel over sliced apple…just too many goodies for one afternoon.  It was impossible to sample everything…

  I liked these little pumpkin guys…on Blue Monday I shared some other pictures of  other wonderful items vendors were selling. 


Before we boarded the shuttle to take us back to our car I had to take a couple of pics of this house.  I don’t think these people were selling their birdhouses I think they just love birdhouses….and they certainly had very many of them on their front lawn! I wonder whether they have many feathered visitors checking out these homes as well.

Back at Marc’s we stopped when we saw these… yum and these   and then out goes Marc   heading where?     to do what????   ahaaaa… and what were we doing with them????

 and a little sugar…. and oh myyyyy  The Apple Fritters were easy to make and sooooo delicious and when they were warm and all covered with cinnamon and sugar…oh my!!  If you would like the recipe go to Kellishouse  blog thats where I found it!  

(p.s. Fresh apples picked on a crisp fall day are yum and we had special permission to help ourselves)


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