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Tagged for the Fours

Isn’t this a beauiful fall wedding bouquet?  Marc’s daughter was married 3 years ago on the 14th and this was what she carried.  It was the colour theme of the wedding along with beautiful coloured leaves.   


Sally at SmilingSally was tagged for the Fours and tagged the first 4 who commented on her post yesterday.  That be me included so here are my Fours.

Four Things I Like About My Husband:

Well I don’t have one of those right now but I do have a significant other for the past 11 years, so..

    1.  He is such a gentleman in so many ways.   He is very easy going but we have “debates” about things but we rarely ever argue.  We discuss, give our views and agree or choose to agree to disagree.

    2.  He is very loving, caring and fun loving too.  Its easy to be the same back to him.  He is very considerate of me, his family and friends.  

    3.  We love to bake and cook together.  We  each settle into a part of what it is we’re making.  He’s a great cook.  We both like to experiment.  He loves to shop!…but not thrifting!

   4.  He’s a great grandfather of one grandson and father to his 2 children.

Four Movies I have Watched More Than Once:

     1.  Pretty Woman

     2.  Dirty Dancing

     3.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

     4. I don’t think there are others.

TV Shows I Watch

     1.  American Idol

     2.  Dancing with the Stars

     3.  Grey’s Anatomy

     4. The Food Channel

Four Places I have been:

     1.  Finland – my background is Finnish and my relatives live in Finland

     2.  Hawaii  – we’ve been there twice.  Marc’s son lives there.

     3.  Germany – I was 7!  I remember being there for 4 rainy days and I remember going to a zoo and the 

         B&B we stayed at and the nice lady who gave me a little Koala bear.

     4.  We were on a cruise in March and visited the Eastern Caribbean.

Four People Who Comment Regularly:

     1.  Sally

     2.  Shelly

     3.   Kathleen

     4.   Dawn 

Four Favourite Foods:

     1.  Italian foods – alll kinds

     2.  Chips and Dip…chips and dip….chips and dip!!

     3.   Roast beef dinner

     4.  Beer Can Chicken

Four Places I would like to visit in order of preference:

     1.  Tahiti

     2.  Switzerland

     3.  Finland again

     4.  Alaska (cruise)

Four Things I Am Looking Forward to in the Coming Year (2009)

     1.  Spring then Summer

     2.  Amber’s wedding on February 14th (my godddaughter)

     3.  Working on my homebased business

     4.  Precious times spent with my family

Four Friends I Tag:

I’m doing what Sally did….The FIRST four of you who read this all the way to the end are tagged…and I hope you were not tagged the first four at Sally’s too because you’ve done your deed already!


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