Pinecone Turkey Name Place Cards – Tutorial

For Thanksgiving this past weekend I had all intensions of making Pinecone Turkey Name Placecard Name holders.  Now I thought of this rather late…on Wednesday evening.  I crawled around under the trees at work on Thursday morning looking for cones that were partially open.  After grocery shopping and picking up this and that I finally settled down to making them later in the evening and that was the only time I could make them.  Now they are easy to make but not all “children” should be using hot glue. 

Here is how I made them.  I’ll let you know why I only got to the 4th one and decided I couldn’t make another one this year.  And why I decided to use them as table decoration and give one to each couple as a favour.   YOU might want to glue a  little card with each person’s name on it to sit at their place setting. 

Here are the materials needed   and oh yes these too.    

I found all these goodies at the dollar store and had enough left over to make lots of other things.   So what I have pictured above for these little gobblies are a bag of tiny wiggly eyes,  coloured pipecleaners (you only need reds and oranges) and coloured feathers (or natural colours).   You’ll also need a glue gun.

For each turkey I cut 2 – 3″ lengths of orange pipecleaner and folded each one in half and twisted the ends and made the other end flatter and larger for his feet.  (sorry fuzzy) 

I inserted the twisted ends into the front bottom of the pinecone for feet.   

Next I took a little black pompom and glued it in the centre front for his head and glued on 2 wiggly eyes.  Careful hot!!   I took a 3″ piece of red pipecleaner and folded that in half.  I then flattened and folded under the end piece to form his little waddle. 


Finally I used the coloured feathers (or you could use natural coloured feathers) and  hot glued them to the backof the cone for his tail.

  Be very careful.  This is very hot, sticky business and the reason why I stopped at number 4.  See?

  I had hot glued feathers stuck to my forefinger (I’d finally removed them by this picture) and thumb….and oh my that burned..and I lost some skin too. 

If you make some for your Thanksgiving…please send me your pics to share.  Have fun…

What WAS funny about the whole thing was that I tried to find pinecones that were somewhat open and crawled around the trees at work looking without much success.  After I’d made all the little turkeys I set them on my diningroom table.  Whe I returned from work I couldn’t believe it – they all looked…dead!!  Belly up.  I wondered WHO had been in and done that….and why were some of the legs at the back now.  *lol*.  During the day those silly little guys had popped open, lost grip with those little orange footsies and with their rounded tummies they had flipped over.  A joke on me I guess.


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11 responses to “Pinecone Turkey Name Place Cards – Tutorial

  1. Oh, these are awesome! I love turkeyday crafts! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! 🙂

  2. Oh, your poor baby! Those burns look “ouch!” I like the idea of pine cones placecard holders, though. I have some pine cones that are already spray painted gold. I’ve made placecards from the computer, using a fancy font and stuck the card in the pine cone. Easy. No burned fingers.

  3. Oh, I feel for your burns! The turkeys sure are cute.

  4. Those are adorable. Maybe I’ll have my 10 year old son help make some for Thanksgiving. (I’ll be sure to be in charge of the glue gun!) I’ve burnt myself before. That really hurts! I hope your hand is feeling better!

    take care,

  5. I hope your burn is all better. I love your little turkeys. They are just adorable. I think this will be the second year of my 43 years married that I won’t be cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I already miss it because I love doing things making Turkeys etc for the table. When my grandchildren were little we even made Indian hats for everyone to wear much to their parents dismay LOL

  6. Oh, I can hardly type…those ouchies hurt, don’t they!! I love those precious little turkeys!! You’re so creative!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  7. Owie! Ouch! I hope it heals soon.

    These are so adorable. I will have to show my grandson.

  8. The turkeys are so cute. What a good ideal.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Ouch Judi….I guess you got it under running water straight away…..poor you and after all that those little pine cone buggers played tricks on you.

    This post was very ….not visual… how do I put it…….okay…..I could picture you crawling around looking for the cones then “see” you when you were trying to work out if elves had been in or leprechauns. And then there was THE BURN…..the post was very ….emotive…. is that it?

    Whatever the word, you have a way of making us feel as if we, your treasured friends, are there with you having a cuppa and a catchup. Thank you Judi for including us in your life and being such a great blog buddy.

    I have really missed a lot of blogs this week as our bandwidth capability is a HUGE problem here in Australia for ten days to a week of every month…..I have barely been able to access anything with photos and my google reader is largely disabled!! So please bear with me for a while if I do not “see” your posts or answer my comments…it is torture!!!

  10. Very cute!! What a simple fun idea…well as long as you don’t burn your finger off!

  11. ow ow ow! But worth the pain — your placecard holders are adorable and will add whimsy and fun to the Thanksgiving table. And maybe as Thanksgiving approaches you will have forgotten the pain and will make more. Or, you could just have three people over for the big meal….

    Hugs, Ronda

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