Pink Saturday

First off if you haven’t yet entered my coming up 200th Post and Giveaway, please read about it in my Friday’s “Girls In My Circle and a Giveaway”.  Leave me a post to let me know you would like to participate and I’ll include your name!!  Good luck!


This is my second Pink Saturday.  Beverley at HowSweetTheSound is responsible for organizing Pink Saturday which is just that…a Pink Saturday post.  Be sure to click on her blog to read more from the Pink Saturday contributors.  They will love to receive a comment from you.  They love to know you’ve been there! 

The Love Bunny and I are a bit busy today so I may not be able to finish my visiting until Sunday but I may be in and out.  Remember if you follow my blog and have been leaving comments please leave me a comment to let me know you would like your name entered for my giveaway.  I posted about it yesterday.  :o)

Last weekend was our Thanksgiving in Canada.  My brother and his girlfriend stayed at my mom’s place from British Columbia.  Before they came to my place he picked a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers from her yard.  Now her yard is small but soooo full of flowers this year.  Beautiful flowers.  I think her jaw must have dropped when she saw all that he’d picked *l*.  Anyway it is fall and they looked beautiful in my vase.  I snapped some pictures of the pink dahlia.  Aren’t they beautiful?

  Dahlia come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours.  They last so well both in the garden and as a cut flower.

I had another 5 orders for the Teapot Garden Party Birdfeeders I made and sold last month.   I’ve just received 3 more orders and have decided to make few extras.  This is a cute pink one.


Its easy to have pink pictures when Madeline is around.  Her favourite colour is purple but she wears a lot of pink too.  This is a picture from last summer when my mother and her were swinging.  Madeline was 3 and my mother was 78 and its hard to say who’s swinging higher!



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27 responses to “Pink Saturday

  1. Happy Pink Saturday! Dahlias are one of my fav fall flowers. I have many still in bloom throughout my garden. I don’t save the tubers from year to year, I just don’t have a good place to put them. The garage is too cold and the basement too warm. ~ Robyn

  2. those dahlias are GORGEOUS! I never knew they came in a range of colors—they’re so so pretty, now I want some here for lilys birthday party next weekend!! Hope your weekend is good!

  3. Magnificent dahlias, Judi. Happy Pink Saturday! I have a giveaway: a BOX of new books. Come enter.

  4. Pretty flowers! I just love the teapot bird feeders. You do such a remarkable job on them.

    Your mom must be a very active woman. 🙂 She looks like she is having great fun on the swing. I can’t do swings any more. It makes me feel ill!

    Fun Pink post today.

    take care,

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Judi.

    I love all of your pinks today. Your bird feeders are wonderful. And, how great to have your very own little purple and pink girl.

  6. What a gorgeous pink dahlia! And the teapot is really sweet, along with, of course, your little girl. Happy Pink Saturday! 🙂 Stacey

  7. Hi Judi! I love your pretty flowers – how thoughtful was that? And the little teapot bird feeders are so sweet and the most wonderful little pink girlie!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Great PINK post, sweet faces and PINK dahlias!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Pretty dahlias. Looks like both are having great fun on the swing. Happy Pink Saturday! Virginia

  10. Love those dahlias! Happy Pink Saturday – glad you had a nice time in Canada! Love that tea-for-one tea pot too!


  11. Kim

    That teapot birdfeeder is adorable! Love the dahlias too. Lots of pretty pinks.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  12. Beautiful flowers, Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Pat

    The dahlias are so pretty and so are your bird feeders! Happy Pink Saturday! HUgs, Pat

  14. So lovely and the pic w/your Mom is great! Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Happy Pink Saturday! What darling bird feeders you make!


  16. Those are the prettiest flowers. Gosh My arm is getting so tired. I don’t know if I can make it through all the participants today but am glad I got to see yours.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  17. Oh no I don’t know if my comment posted or not.
    Anyway I said that I really loved the pretty flowers and was happy to get to your post today.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  18. Wow, what a young looking mom you have. I cannot believe she’s 78 years old!!



  19. love the dahlias. Such a cute bird feeder too.

  20. char72

    The flowers are beautiful. What unique bird feeder. Your Mom sure doesn’t look that old.

  21. Ann

    I love it when bloggers post flowers!! Very pretty post. Take care~

  22. The pink dahlia is beautiful! Love the tea cup too!

  23. Judi I am late getting all my comments out there. I love the dahlias and the pretty pink shades. the cup and teapot is adorable too. What I really enjoyed was your mom in the swing. Which one has the youngest heart? smile. Welcome to pink Sat.


  24. CC

    Such a lovely Pink Saturday,,I love the birdfeeder and I think your mom may be having more fun…:)
    Thanks for visiting me..see you next time.

  25. That’s a gorgeous bouquet! Congratulations on all your sales of bird feeders. Those are quite fun.

    BTW, your Mom has great legs in addition to a youthful spirit.

  26. Hi there Judi, I was looking through your site and I love it. We have some friends originally from Canada and they want to return. I especially loved your dahlia pictures. I’ve been wanting to grow them for years, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Take care and I’m going to keep looking around at your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.
    Take Care!!!

  27. joy

    The pink dahlias are so pretty.

    And your mom is HOW old? She looks like a sprite!

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