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BLUE MONDAY – Honey I’m Home…Honey????

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I hope you had a really nice fall weekend.  The leaves certainly are beautiful and “dying” yikes as I’ve come to realize through recent blogging….the skies were BLUE my way with the nights becoming more crispy.






Its Blue Monday again hosted by Sally from SmilingSal.   Another Monday to show and share Blue items.  Be sure to click on Sally’s blog to visit and see all the other Blueness from her and the other participating bloggers.




On my long Friday drives to and fro from the Love Bunnies I have been passing this BLUE house.  I always just stare at it as I pass.   Today I stopped the car so I could take pictures and share it with you.  This is the scenerio that comes to my mind,  Honey…I’m Home!!!..honey???”


Honey???  Now will I ever find that woman of mine???

The first time I saw it it really struck me funny.   I think they have to use a back entrance to get in that house.  Have they left a little area from the inside of their front door to take in the wood?  Would you want to go into that little area to get the wood risking a pile of wood falling on down on you?  They must be anticipating some very cold weather in that house.  I think I would have just piled it all outside at the back…..but I think “honey” doesn’t mind….


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