BLUE MONDAY – Honey I’m Home…Honey????

First off if you haven’t yet entered my coming up 200th Post and Giveaway, please read about it in my Friday’s “Girls In My Circle and a Giveaway”.  Leave me a post to let me know you would like to participate and I’ll include your name!!  Good luck!

I hope you had a really nice fall weekend.  The leaves certainly are beautiful and “dying” yikes as I’ve come to realize through recent blogging….the skies were BLUE my way with the nights becoming more crispy.






Its Blue Monday again hosted by Sally from SmilingSal.   Another Monday to show and share Blue items.  Be sure to click on Sally’s blog to visit and see all the other Blueness from her and the other participating bloggers.




On my long Friday drives to and fro from the Love Bunnies I have been passing this BLUE house.  I always just stare at it as I pass.   Today I stopped the car so I could take pictures and share it with you.  This is the scenerio that comes to my mind,  Honey…I’m Home!!!..honey???”


Honey???  Now will I ever find that woman of mine???

The first time I saw it it really struck me funny.   I think they have to use a back entrance to get in that house.  Have they left a little area from the inside of their front door to take in the wood?  Would you want to go into that little area to get the wood risking a pile of wood falling on down on you?  They must be anticipating some very cold weather in that house.  I think I would have just piled it all outside at the back…..but I think “honey” doesn’t mind….


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19 responses to “BLUE MONDAY – Honey I’m Home…Honey????

  1. Tootsie

    that is a little scary! I’d stare too! lol…hope you had a great weekend…and a great blue monday! I think I told you to count me in on the draw…but if I did not…count me in! take care friend

  2. Roflmao! This really is funny! I sure wonder about people sometimes! This would have made me turn my head too and go, “what the heck?” lol


  3. It is fun to think of all the “stories” that go with some of the homes you see. My that is a lot of wood!! I can’t imagine using that much.

    It looks like that house has lots of character!

    take care,

  4. I always make up stories about what others are saying and doing; I thought that I was the only one nutty enough to do that!

    (ahem) Judi, did you forget something today? Blue Monday? Like LINK IN! lol, lol Hurry!

  5. That home with all the wood is just too funny!!! Good luck on my giveaway!!

  6. Hi Judi!! Oh, the blue sky and that beautiful foliage is spectacular!! Maybe who ever chopped all that wood is dealing with anger management! Oops, now that would be scarey!!

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  7. Ellen

    Wow. That looks like an incredible fire hazard. It’s such a great house with that big porch. Ok I can’t help but mention too what critters might be living in amongst that pile of wood. Scary! Love those leaves against that blue sky! Have a good week Judi!

  8. It’s so good to be home and get to catch up with my blog friends. That house is interesting. It does make you wonder what’s up. Wishing us all blue skies! Love, Faith

  9. I just read the blogs I missed and I enjoyed them so much. The girlfriend post was so sweet and I would love to be entered in your giveaway. The picture of your mother and grand daughter swinging together is awesome. I’m glad you like the award, you sure deserve it. I better get busy on all the laundry. Love, Faith

  10. I was thinking what Ellen said -It’s not only a fire hazard, but think of the mice and bugs. Yikes! Id feel claustrophobic, too. ~ Robyn

  11. How hysterical is this…thanks for the photo. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this. Have a great Blue Monday.

  12. How funny! My in-laws would stack much more would than they’d get through — they were always afraid of running out, and it was their main heat source. But they stacked it in the back yard!! I guess it is not as far to walk in the cold when it is right there on the porch.

  13. I “wooden” know where to begin with my thoughts on that house! 😉

  14. Kim

    That house looks a little scary… Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your picture of the orange/red tree against the crisp blue sky is lovely. Here were I live in Minnesota, the leaves are falling off the trees pretty quickly so what color they had is almost gone already.

    Happy Blue Monday!!

  15. LOL wood falling down, what about seeing a mouse. Loved your post. Happy Blue Monday!

  16. OH MY….well I sure hope she never says….”not in the house honey…..go out on the porch if you’re gonna smoke”

    Thanks for the kind comments….Just hearing that I brightened your day…brightened mine!

  17. Hi!
    We burn wood in the winter but we don’t have that much! That’s a lot of wood!! Take Care!!


  18. Do you think they know something that we don’t ? LOL . Good post .

  19. CC

    Judi..I think I would crawl thru a window before I would chance the front door with that woodpile.
    Have a great rest of the week..

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