Squigees Car Wash

This weekend we were out driving on Saturday with all the loveliest of colours and the most beautiful weather.  I may post at some point where we were driving when I snapped this picture.  It looks like a walking path but its actually the road covered in a carpet of leaves.

Anyway some things this past weekend struck me as being funny, which you can tell from yesterday’s post. Must have been something in the air.  While we were out driving the Love Bunny wanted to get his car washed.  We saw a very modern car wash but it had a huge line up of cars waiting.  We saw another one a ways up the street, it appeared to be empty.   There wasn’t anyone in the line.   There wasn’t even anyone around…anyplace.  Just us.

We rounded a corner carefully with his nice new car.  He made a car wash selection.  There was only one selection and it was $5.00.  The other 3 options had black duct tape over them.  We wondered which of th above choices our $5.00 gave us. 

He pointed the car towards the doors and we carefully read ALL the signs. 

Cautiously he drove in and everything operated on VERY slow speed.  I think they used up most of the water intended for the wash just spraying the floor in front of the car.  Eventually the sprayers slowly moved towards the car… 

I said what will we do if it just gets stuck and we’re stuck in this ….  

with no one around anyplace?  Who would save us from getting soaked…  

Why did they write “Enter At Your Own Risk”? 

We very slowly inched forward and waited for the next process…  and finally it ended and they thanked us…I was thanking THEM.  

  and finally most of the car was nicely washed thanks to !!!  Boy was I glad we were done!   Maybe we left too soon because they do offer  Complete Car Care…whoever “they” were??



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14 responses to “Squigees Car Wash

  1. Thank you for your comment on my site! It was nice to get it . Have you been in Finland?
    I am glad, that your mother had a good visit here even our summer weather was one of the worst.
    You have all those colours still, ours have gone over one week ago, trees are naked and now we start to wait for snow. I hope it will come sooner than last winter, that this dark time could get more light from snow 🙂
    Terveisiä sinulle ja äidillesi täältä Itä-Suomesta!

  2. Your past few posts have been funny to read. Life can be so silly sometimes! Thanks for sharing… 🙂 Stacey

  3. That’s pretty funny! Hmm, the van looks like it could use some car care. I’m glad you made it out of the car wash safely! 🙂

    take care,

  4. Things that make you go hmmmm!!! What a funny post.. insert belly laugh here…..!!!
    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning!!! You have an active and intersting LIFE!!! I love your wonderful sense of humor too!!!

  5. I noticed that the bottom of that van (in the final picture) was pretty badly rusted. Funny, when it a complete car care van.

  6. I’ve heard of people being trapped in those car washes when there was either a mechanical malfunction or someone up to no good. I haven’t seen one like that near me, so it hasn’t been an issue yet. That van sure isn’t the best advertising, is it? LOL

  7. Tootsie

    I loved the leaves on the road! looks so calm and peaceful there…as for the car wash….no comment! lol

  8. Ooooo how funny…I DID get trapped in a car wash once!! Thank goodness I keep a spare handy, dandy phone book in the car. It kept washing and washing and washing and finally when I realized I was stuck I called the convenience store and they said just ease up and tap the roller and I did and it just stopped and I drove out….WHEW!!

    That leaf covered road does look like a great walking trail from the picture….just gorgeous!

  9. Hi Judi! You’re a funny and I luv ya!! Oh, I think the company Squigee’s needs a new van!! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog…I love to see your comments! You were really brave to go through Squigee’s!! I’m glad everything came out all right, I was beginning to worry as you were taking us through the car wash with you! LOL

  11. I wanted to panic when you showed the car wash photos. I thought for sure you were going to say you got stuck. Yikes! I actually got stuck in a SuperAmerica car wash when Jacob was a baby. It was scary. It was right before cellphones were popular and we didn’t have them in our area yet – I just lay on the horn until someone came out to push the button off. It felt like an eternity. ~ Robyn

  12. I was so sure you were going to be stuck. Yikes I have never been afraid of a car wash before but now I will think about it from now on. LOL I did love your photo of the carpet of leaves. Beautiful.


  13. Boy, I just knew you were going to say you got stuck and soaked ! LOL.

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