PINK Saturday and Children

Its Pink Saturday again hosted by Beverly at HowSweetTheSound.  If you haven’t yet visited all the Pink Saturday blogs be sure to click on Beverley’s site to see where to find them.  Everyone you visit will love to receive a comment from you so they know you’ve been there.

Years ago my youngest son painted this Easter Egg by waxing down some thread and painting in between.  The egg has travelled with me for years and has become more and more precious to me.   I can’t recall when he painted it but it must have been about 18 years ago.   If you shake it you can hear the “egg” rolling around.  Recently while thrifting I came across this AVON bunny egg cup with its PINK flowers and the bunny’s PINK ears and nose.  It is dated 1981.  My son was born in 1981 also so it only seemed appropriate the egg cup and egg were meant to be together.  This was another bunny to add to my collection.

This is my eldest son with his 4 year old daughter Madeline.  She’s wearing a PINK sweater which in the picture looks more salmony and PINK barrettes in her hair.  You can tell she loves her daddy.   His job has him working different schedules and she’ll ask him if he will be there in the morning when she wakes up.  She knows if he will be then he’s not on day shift and they’ll have sweet times together that day and her big, blue eyes will dance with excitement. 

Thank you for stopping by for my Pink Saturday and stories.  Be sure to check out the other Pink Saturday sites. 

Have a lovely day.   Judi 


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35 responses to “PINK Saturday and Children

  1. Your son has a sweet face; I’ll be he’s a teddy bear. I have another book giveaway. Look at my sidebar to enter. Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. what a special memory in that egg. cute cup and what a little doll there with her daddy

  3. The egg and the bunny cup are so sweet. Happy Pink Saturday! 🙂 Stacey

  4. Love your bunnies, Judi! I’ve been saving mine for Easter (or until I find the box they’re in, whichever comes first 😉


  5. Robyn

    What sweet and sentimental post – an all pink related! Nicely done! Have a fun weekend.

  6. I bet it really warms your heart to see your son with his daughter. That is a sweet picture of the two of them.
    I have Avon Bunny items from that same time period, but not the egg cup. The cup and that special egg were definitely meant to be together.

  7. What a little cutie! I love the pink barrettes!
    Happy Pink Saturday! Erin 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful picture.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Pink treasurees and true love, what better way to celebrate Pink Saturday. Pop over to Ed’s Place and see my sunset. xx

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Judi. I love the egg by your son, and I agree that the bunny was meant to be.

    The picture of your son and granddaughter is precious. He must be a wonderful father.

  11. Hi Judi! Oh, what a handsome son and the little pink darling with him!
    Thanks for popping in to see me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  12. I have this bunny – isn’t he wonderful. Your granddaughter is lovely. Great post. Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely, lovely PINK post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  14. Such sweet memories and granddaughter !
    A great pink post.

    Greetings from Finland

  15. Kim

    Hi Judi,

    What a sweet post. How wonderful that you have been able to keep that precious egg your son painted for you so long ago. Having lovely things like that as a reminder of thier childhood must warm your heart.

  16. CC

    I love your egg and egg cup…and your sweet grandaughter is so lovely..Have a Happy Pink Saturday.

  17. Judi the egg and egg holder is so precious. what a wonderful treasure. The little bunnies are cute too.
    The most precious is your granddaughter giving her daddy a hug. So cute in pink.


  18. Awwe – what a cutie….and the little girl’s cute too!
    Great post – I love seeing happiness!

  19. Hi Judi, I enjoyed your sweet story about the egg and I think the bunny is perfect for it. Madeline and her daddy look so sweet. Love, Faith

  20. What a sweet story! Dad and daughter are a couple of cuties!!!

    Happy Saturday blessings
    kari & kijsa

  21. Oh the sweet memories!! Sons are wonderful indeed. Nothing is more attractive about a man that being a good daddy!!! Your son looks like one of the good ones for sure!! Precious little girl!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  22. Oh the sweet memories!! Sons are wonderful indeed. Nothing is more attractive about a man than being a good daddy!!! Your son looks like one of the good ones for sure!! Precious little girl!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  23. Your pic is precious. what a cutie your grand daughter is and she has a handsome daddy .

  24. What a lovely egg holder! My grandma had one exactly like that! Love it! Vanessa

  25. Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday! Your grand daughter is a little cutie!

  26. Two sweet little bunnies! Your granddaughter is such a cutie! ~ Robyn

  27. How wonderful! Love that cup and oh what a cutie pie you have in that granddaughter!

  28. Hi there! I just now saw the comment you left way back on the 7th asking what color paint I used on my stool! Sorry about that! I just used Rustoleum white… hope that helps!

  29. Joy

    What a lovely story to compliment such precious photos!

  30. Judy,
    Isn’t is just amazing how our kids’ artwork is just so precious? I think the egg holder is so appropriate and want to know something? I have the matching trinket box. My Godmother gave it to me while I was in jr. high.
    In one of my Autumn posts I have a pumpkin that my eldest girl made for me when she was in the 4th grade…she’s now in her last year pre-med. sigh* Where does the time go?
    Anyway, I’m just out here checking out all the pink. There was a lot this week! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Good evening Judi, your cute bunny looks like a great place to save that special egg from your son..Your granddaughter is as cute as her dad…thanks for sharing them with us. Baba

  32. You collect bunnies!!! I am a bunny lover. The 2 little ones behind in the picture is adorable. And the picture of you Son and Granddaughter is precious!!! Hope you had a good weekend.

  33. I’m sloooooooooly making my way through PSat!!!! Maybe I’ll be finished before THIS Sat!! 🙂
    I loved that lovely egg story—oh, and that Avon egg cup is just perfect to cradle that treasure! Your g.girl and son are darling together!!! Happy be-lated PSat! dana

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