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Tuesday, Oct. 28 — Boo-ED and Award Thank you….

I’m enjoying these fall coloured miniature carnations sitting in my silver creamer.  They are such a lovely long-lasting flower.  I’ve had them in there 2 weeks since our Thanksgiving.


I’ve been boo’ED by Shelia at Notesongs.blogspot.com and now  I have boo-ED forward…

Now go to as many friends as you like and tell them they have been Boo-ED and have them link back to your blog to pick up their prize, the picture, and tell them to Boo their friends.  Put the picture in your sidebar so they know you  have been boo-ED and send the pic to someone else.

BIG BOOOOOOOOOOO to you……. Scary isn’t it??????     Judi

I received an award from Faith from grammafaith.blogspot.com a bit ago for which I am very honoured and I want to tell her thank you very much!!!  I try to visit Faith’s blog every day and enjoy reading about her adventures, her lovely family and the stories and joy she shares with them.   I am always in awe of her Cow Parade collection.   There seems to be one for so many of the special days she shares with us.  She is a lovely lady and if you haven’t yet visited her you really should do so.  

The award comes with the following rules:
– You may choose 5 people/blogs to give the award to.

– Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

– One has to be a new follower of your blog or live in another country.

Therefore I would like to give this Gold Card Award to:

Stephanie at luluscottage.blogspot.ca  and Jeanne at backyardneighbour.typepad.com and Sher at sherscreativeexpresions.blogspot.com and Darlene at darlenesdays-darlene.blogspot.com and Shelia at Notesongs.blogspot.com  who make my day special by what they write on their blogs and in the comments they leave for me.  Visit these wonderful blogs and leave them a comment also.

I hope you have a wonderful fall day!     Judi

(this is my 199th post…one more for my 200 post giveaway see my post from a week ago Friday)


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BLUE Monday and 198th Post and Giveaway

This is my 198th post with only 2 more before my Giveaway for my 200th post!!  I posted about it a week ago Friday.   Let me know in your comment that you would like to participate if you haven’t already done so and I’ll add in your name!  Good Luck!!

Today is Monday…

Blue Monday Instructions

and that means its Blue Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.blogspot.com.  If you haven’t visited on Blue Monday before be sure to click on Sally’s blog to see who is participating today.  Visit the love Blue Monday blogs on her list and don’t forget to leave a post to show you’ve been there.  Enjoy.

Today I’m sharing the beautiful BLUE skies with their billowing clouds over the morning BLUE Lake Ontario waters. This picture was so majestic and so free-spirited….I stood there for some time just admiring the beauty of it.  The clouds were like huge castles lifting up to the heavens.  Everything was so peaceful.  I took this picture yesterday morning during breakfast.  A short time later the skies were no longer so beautiful.  They turned a gray and the waters became choppy.  Rains followed. 

This is the cottage next door with its BLUE shutters.  There is a cute little sun porch facing the water.  Its a lovely spot to sit and admire the BLUE waters and BLUE skies and boats on the water.  Looking past the sun porch far in that direction is Canada where I live.  We look there throughout the day trying to compare the weather there by the skies way overhead.

Sometimes the skies over the water look like this…

Thank you for visiting my Blue Monday.  I hope you enjoy all the different Blue Monday pictures offered today through Sally’s blog.

Have a lovely day.   Judi


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