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My 200th Post…whew!

Soooooo this is my 200th Post!  It feels kind of strange.  I have sat here and shared 200 …. 200  posts with readers I know only through Blogland.    Readers who have become friends who have stopped by to read my posts and have left me such lovely comments.    You have shared your blogs with me and I love all that you have brought into my life and I wanted to say thank you to this “Girls Circle of Friends” …

     and 10 days ago I posted that I was having a giveaway for those who left me a comment to say they were interested in participating.  I am work right now so I will have a co-worker draw the name of the winner and then I will announce the winner on Thursday.,

I haven’t even shared what the giveaway yet so I will do that tonight.  Good Luck! 


I wanted to share someone with you…     Cute?  I just met her today, she’s a Persian and lovely.  She’s not mine….well at least not yet, but maybe… I’ll share more about her on another post.  In the meantime I’m loving her little face.

Have a lovely day…  Judi


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