And the 200th Post Giveaway Winner Is…..

I cut all the participant’s posts into strips, put them into an interoffice envelope because I was doing this at work.  One of my co-workers put her hand into the bag         mixed the slips around the envelope and then pulled one out.  She opened it, read it then held it out for me and when I said “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh thats nice” and snapped a picture, she said “do you know that person?” 

The slip she pulled was our DAWN from  I was so happy that I was going to be sending the giveaway to her because as I explained,  I “knew” her.  I tried to explain our Blogland and Girls in My Circle etc.  to my co-worker.  I think she understood as best she could.   CONGRATULATIONS Dawn! 

I hadn’t shared what the giveaway was going to be because #200 post came out of the blue it seemed but I did say I knew it was going to include my handcrafted items.

I’ve sewn a tote from Michael Miller fabric “Falling Dogs”  that Dawn can carry her shoes in, or her books or whatever she’d like and a little snap change purse or whatever she’d like to slip into it. 

Because I’m in Canada I sent her the latest edition of 2 Canadian magazines I have had a subscription to for years,  “Canadian Living” and “Chatelaine”.   I thought she might be interested in a couple of Canadian ones.   There is a little heating pot and a jar of a wickless soy candle scented “Coffee Brulee” I’ve made.  It smells yummy once it begins to liquify. 

I’ve included 4 of my Strawberry Rhubarb soy wax tarts she can melt in a jar on the melting pot as well.  I beaded a “Forest Breeze” bracelet which is on a lovely Tag made by Shelly I purchased from  I’ve included 2 bars of my handcrafted soap (Cranberry Peach Vanilla and Coconut Cream Fuzz), a purchased Faith Angel to watch over her or one she may want to put on her Christmas tree.   I hope you’ll like them Dawn. 

Thank you Dawn and thank you to all my friends here on Blogland.  Thank you for visiting and sharing and inspiriting.  Dawn if you’ll email me your address I can ship your gifts to you!

I’m taking my mom for an eye specialist appointment again after work and she’ll be spending the night at my place.  On Friday I’m heading across to the Love Bunny’s.  I’ll be away from blogging until I’m back on Sunday but I’ll be popping in over the weekend I’m sure.  I’ve prescheduled a Trivia for Hallowe’en for tomorrow though.

Happy Hallowe’en…oh I did want to share this gourd ghost I painted a number of years ago…Boooooo!!

Have a lovely weekend…  Judi


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15 responses to “And the 200th Post Giveaway Winner Is…..

  1. congrats to Dawn!!! What an awesome little gift. And congrats to you Judi on your success with blogging.
    Take care

  2. Wow, Judi I am thrilled. It’ 4:00 in the morning here. I woke up with cramp in my foot that I had to walk out and decided to go online before I go back to bed. What a pleasant surprise. Everything looks just WONDERFUL!!!! I am honored to be the winner!!!! I enjoy your blog and look forward to coming here. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

    take care,

  3. I got so excited I forgot to mention how much I love that ghost that you painted. Very cute!!

    take care,

  4. It’s me again. I can’t find your email address on here. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t have my glasses on. You can email me at dawnmariek at gmail dot com. I’ll send you my address.

    tale care,

  5. Morning, Judi! Shoot, but congratulations to Dawn, she’s a real sweetie.
    You have a wonderful day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. Congratulations, Judi, to you for your big 200th post and to Dawn, who is loved by all who know her. Enjoy your weekend, but stop and visit first!

  7. Judi this was a really nice giveaway and couldn’t go to a nicer person.

    Congratulations Dawn! I’m excited for you to be the winner of such a great getaway! You are a terrific blog friend and certainly deserve it.

  8. Congratulations on your 200th post and to Dawn for being the lucky winner of your give-away.
    Your ghost gourd is adorable!

  9. Congratulations to Dawn! What a nice giveaway. Every single thing is lovely. Now I am going to visit Dawn. Have a nice weekend.

  10. Wow! CONGRATULATIONS on your 200th post and congrates to the lucky winner Dawn! What a sweet giveaway! Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Happy 200th Post! What an great give-a-way – congratulations Dawn! I really like that pic you have posted on your headline. Hope you have a Happy Halloween! ~ Robyn

  12. Congratulations to Dawn! Your gift looks marvelous! Have a good time on your trip! Love, Faith

  13. WOO HOO congratulations Dawn!! I LOVE your little painted gourd ghost and pumpkin…CUTE!

  14. A late congratulations on your 200th post and winning certainly made Dawn’s day. That took care of the cramp…or took her mind off it anyway!!!

  15. I love your gourd ghost! I am a tole painter…intermediate level. Have not done a gourd, but they are so cute…and your ghost is adorable!!!

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