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Nuns for Hallowe’en

Its been a bit of a busy time and I haven’t been able to post although I’ve been able to some reading.

So Hallowe’en has been and gone and I’ve seen some wonderful costume pictures while I’ve been reading about Hallowe’en.   It allways makes me wish I could come up with some of those ideas.  At work we were all nuns and we had one father.  We had a couple of pregnant nuns too.  We weren’t so sure how it was going to be received but I guess once we were all together it did become funny.  I know some students were a big puzzled and some didn’t say a word when they saw us individually or in pairs.  I guess they were being a big cautious. 

This is a pic of the group of us in the office.  halloween-and-soup-015

My office is just great for having fun, having pot lucks, helping each other, sharing goodies…just a nice place to work.  We ordered in pizza and I baked a chocolate cake with Hallowe’en candies on it.   Most people I talked to said they didn’t have nearly as many trick-or-treaters as they normally would have.  I wonder whether children are having parties instead.  

Have a wonderful day…   Judi


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