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I showed you a picture of a lovely Persian kitty last week but I didn’t post much about her.



 Most of you don’t know about Kelly my black and white kitty  I had for almost 19.5 years.  She was black and white and such a good girl.  She loved people and cuddling and purrings and even though she was 20.5 years old she loved to play and run around and jump all over the place.


Last fall I discovered she had a tumour in her right jaw.  She continued to do so well but in December I had to put her down.  That was a very hard thing to do.  It seemed she had always been with me forever and I loved that little girl so much.  My boys were only 7 and 11 when we got her and she loved playing rough with them.   I miss my pretty Kelly so much still.

Where I work we have a Veterinary Technician Program and twice a semester they bring in cats and dogs from a local pound.  The students  learn to become technicians by working with the staff and vet learning their skills with the animals.  The animals are so well cared for by the students and mostly they are able to find homes for them and if not the animals go back to the pound for another chance.


Last week I found out about “Angelica”.  She is a beautiful dilute, calico Persian about 3 years old.  On Tuesday I went back to the clinic to play and become more familiar with her.   The students had called her Angelica…and now they  have added Pickles to her name, Angelica Pickles now isn’t that a name for a fluffy Persian?  She is such a purrrrreer…and loves to be carried and loves to have you pet her and being brushed.  

fall2008-0071   She is in fantastic shape so she did live with a family where she was cared for.  We don’t know what happened next in her life….  I have to make a decision in the next couple of days…


I am a little concerned because I have some leather furniture and she has claws.  I know she loves to use a scratch post but….it only takes one scratching session on the sofa.  I’m looking into perhaps having her declawed.  She would only be an inside kitty.   Is your kitty declawed?  Does your kitty scratch your furniture?


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