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Kitty Cat Trivia

My Kelly was so particular about water.  Her water dish was in the washroom and when she wanted a drink from it she would remind you verbally that it wasn’t cold.   If you walked past the washroom where she sat beside the now warmed water she’d say “purrrrt”  or then she’d come to me and sit and stare into my eyes and say “purrrt”.  I can’t imagine how many times a day I would have to stop and replace the water with cold tap water.  She loved it cold and would sit there lapping it for a long time. 

 Kelly Drinking From Tub 

HOWEVER if you wanted a peaceful bath the door would have to be closed because she LOVED really hot/warm bath water.  She would hang down the inside of the tub and drink and drink and drink and her little nose would be so pink.  Silly kitty.

Because I have cats on my mind recently both Kelly and Angelica Pickle I found this cat trivia interesting.   I know many of you have at least one kitty cat so you may find some interesting facts here too

I thought cats cleaned themselves immediately after eating just to clean themselves.  I didn’t realize why they actually did it….

The mother’s purr acts as a homing device, announcing to her babies that nursing time has arrived. Kittens begin to purr in return at about one week of age – perhaps as a gesture of gratitude, or maybe as a request for milk – and continue to purr for the rest of their lives.
After cats eat, they always immediately bathe themselves. This is because their instinct tells them to get the food scent off them so that predators will not smell the food and come after them.
When cats are happy or pleased, they squeeze their eyes shut.
How a cat ‘speaks’ is quiet remarkable. They don’t speak phrases to express affection, outrage, hunger, loneliness, boredom, confusion, happiness and fear in their natural frequency range, which would be inaudible to humans, but at a much lower frequency that humans can hear. Some researchers believe they may have learned we can’t hear them in their natural range and have adapted so they can relate to us on our terms.
The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as Gods. Any cat owner can tell you that cats have never gotten over it!
The reason for the lack of mouse-flavored cat food is due to the fact that the test subjects (cats, naturally!) turned up their noses at the formula!
The cat uses it’s tail like a tight-rope walker uses a long pole – as a counterweight to aid balance. Even though the tail is useful for this, it is also used for communication purposes. Cats born without tails do manage, though. There are other methods of balancing
Did you know that cats can listen for prey by rotating their ears independently? Or that their whiskers can detect movements 2,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair? Or that house cats, unlike other domesticated animals, have changed very little over the past 4,000 years?
The infamous Black Plague in Europe was due in part to the fact that people believed those with cats were witches. So all the cats were rounded up, caged and burned, leaving the rats (with their disease causing parasites) to run free and multiply. Those harbouring cats were often those who survived.

Cats see so well in the dark because their eyes actually REFLECT light. Light goes in their eyes, and is reflected back out; their eyes actually work as built-in flashlights.


Have a lovely weekend… Judi


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