Daily Archives: November 13, 2008

Hallowe’en and Grandchildren

Just to finish up on Hallowe’en I wanted to post a picture of my 4 year old grandaughter Madeline – The Queen of Hearts.  I wasn’t trick or treating with her this year but it sounds like it was another magical moment for her.


and the Love Bunny’s 1 year old Grandson Jack, the Pirate.its-a-pirate

And so I’ll put Hallowe’en to rest for this season.  I’ve so enjoyed looking at your pics of Hallowe’en.  It seems to have been a fun time again for young and old.  I was thinking of all the different costumes I wore when I was small.  I think they were costumes my mom and I seemed to come up with.  I don’t think we ever did purchase any.  Maybe things were a little different then.  It was lots of fun though.

On to the next season….  have a lovely day.  Judi


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