Hallowe’en and Grandchildren

Just to finish up on Hallowe’en I wanted to post a picture of my 4 year old grandaughter Madeline – The Queen of Hearts.  I wasn’t trick or treating with her this year but it sounds like it was another magical moment for her.


and the Love Bunny’s 1 year old Grandson Jack, the Pirate.its-a-pirate

And so I’ll put Hallowe’en to rest for this season.  I’ve so enjoyed looking at your pics of Hallowe’en.  It seems to have been a fun time again for young and old.  I was thinking of all the different costumes I wore when I was small.  I think they were costumes my mom and I seemed to come up with.  I don’t think we ever did purchase any.  Maybe things were a little different then.  It was lots of fun though.

On to the next season….  have a lovely day.  Judi



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9 responses to “Hallowe’en and Grandchildren

  1. Good morning, Judi! What two precious little ones! These little children are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. You do have a good memory, don’t you?? You know, you can always snap again!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Judi, Those are some really sweet babies. How cute they both look in their little halloween costumes. When I was young we didn’t buy costumes either. We usually went with what we had at home.

  3. Lovely pictures of your grandchildren. I know you look forward to the upcoming holidays with two such precious little ones!

  4. Your grandchildren are just beautiful! Madeline mades a stunning queen!!! I love the picture of Jack the pirate. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

    take care,

  5. Your grandchildren are just darling!

  6. Thanks for coming by. Love the post and the children. I look forward to my return.

  7. Wow, what beautiful grandchildren . Madeline and Jack look so cute in their costumes. Halloween was more fun than usual because of all the fun bloggers sharing their treasures and little grands and children in the cutest costumes. Thanks for sharing your little darlings with us.


  8. What sweeties!
    -sandy toes

  9. Your grand babies look wonderful in their costumes. You know my Bob is a good boy and always wears his knickers. Love, Faith

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