The Royal Agricultural Fair and Cow Trivia

 Oh my its Friday again, the weekend is upon us and I haven’t posted about what we did last weekend.  I’ve been jibbering about other things and I’ve almost run out of days this week!  So I wanted to share the Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto that the Love Bunny and I went to last Saturday.  This is held at the Canadian National Exhibition fairgrounds and has been an annual event for years lasting 2 weeks. 

I was disappointed that because we only decided to go on Saturday morning (leaving all dirty breakfast dishes behind)  that my camera wasn’t charged enough.  Therefore here are just a few pictures I was able to take.


I have never seen such cleaned and cared for cows in my life!  They were being trimmed with an electric razor, brushed,  an air hose was used to blow away bits of this and that that had settled on their backs or legs, their fur was spritzed to make it shine…and shine they did.


and they did have little chicks.  Are they cute like yours Juju?   dsc03762

and the neat thing about the cows and their milk was their butter!!  See the sculptures they were making in this cooler that had windows for us to watch them in progress?  dsc03764 

and this one…


I was even able to photograph this bit of Cow Trivia.  Wow it reads the average Canadian cow produces 9,481 kg = 9,481 x 2.2 lbs = A LOT OF MILK!!  I wonder how that compares with the average American Cow? hmmmmm….


They were giving out all kinds of food samples and I did purchase a few Christmas gifts for the guys, girls and Madeline too.  We watched the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) perform with their horses in the auditorium.   The horses seemed to march to the music, heads high or all pointed down together, forming cartwheel designs along with all kinds of other wonderful choriography.  They performed song after song perfectly in step with each other, twining amongst each other oh my I don’t know how they even did it.    It was really a nice afternoon.  I wish I had one cow from Faith’s Cow Parade collection to finish up this post.

Don’t forget to visit everyone participating in Pink Saturday tomorrow hosted by Beverly. 

Have a lovely day…  Judi



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7 responses to “The Royal Agricultural Fair and Cow Trivia

  1. What a fascinating post. The cows are amazingly beautiful and the butter sculptures – I’ve never seen anything like it! I can remember my grandmother had home-churned butter delivered to her home when I was a little girl. It would probably taste very different to me today!

  2. I’ve never heard of butter sculptures; how beautiful they are!

  3. What a fun trip….those butter sculptures are AMAZING!!

    You asked about the cloche’s. The bottom part is just a candle holder (hurricane jar) purchased from Walmart in their craft area where all the glass products are. Also, the two little bud vases (on the very top) were from that same isle in Walmart. The middle part was candlestick holders that you can find VERY cheaply at many yard sales, thrift stores, goodwill, etc. Just hot glue it all together piece by piece. Make sure to use plenty of glue so it will stick.

  4. I think I would have to loved to come along, Judi! I think I’ve seen so many cow bums in a row before! lol They do look beautiful – so shiny! Now the butter sculptors are amazing!!
    Be a sweetie and I hope you can find the movie, you’ll love it!
    Shelia 🙂

  5. Those animals certainly do look well cared for. That’s nice to see. I am in awe of those butter sculptures. They are simply amazing!!!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    take care,

  6. Judi, I loved this post. Sounds like the fair would be a great event to go to. I bet the Mounted Police show was great to watch.

    Those butter sculptures are really neat. Enjoyed much! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, wow, you’re so right, I love it! I wish I had been there with you. Those butter sculptures are moovelous. Love, Faith

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