Pink Saturday

Its Saturday!  Welcome to PINK Saturday hosted by Beverly from How Sweet The Sound.  This is a day for participants to show or talk about something PINK.  Be sure to click and go to Beverly’s blog to see all the other PINK Saturday bloggers.  They’ll love for you to leave them a comment so they know you’ve been there. 


We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving on October 12.   My brother was visiting at my mom’s and picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden for my Thanksgiving table.   Aren’t the dahlia beautiful?  There were many different flowers in that bouquet. 

 When all the other flowers were ready to be thrown out I realized that one bunch had dried beautifully. 



I’ve set them into a silver tea pot where they look lovely.   It is some sort of decorative tree but we don’t know what its called.  

Does anyone know what kind of tree it is?  They only flower at the end of the summer and are a lovely shade of PINK.    Even now there are flowers on my mom’s tree however because of the weather hers are not dry…just very decorative.

I hope you’ll be able to visit the other Pink Saturdays at least bit by bit because the list has grown.

Have a lovely weekend.  Judi



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22 responses to “Pink Saturday

  1. How very pretty & PINK! I love the little silver tea pot!

  2. Hi Judi,
    Love the silver tea pot for the arrangement! I have one of those…I’ll have to copy you!

  3. Bo

    Hi Judi…nice to meet you! I think your blog has the cutest name. I hope you’ll visit me again! Have a lovely wk-end… 😉 Bo

  4. Gosh, Judi. I don’t know what they are either, but they do look beautiful in your silver tea pot.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Good Morning Judi! How was your Thanksgiving? I didn’t know that you celebrated Thanksgiving in October. Pretty neat. I always love to learn new things. The dahlia’s are gorgeous. I have a neighbor who has been growing generations of dahlias! They are so large and vibrant! I wish I could help you on the tree flowers. They are lovely dried! Have a wonderful weekend. pink hugs, Ellen

  6. Hey Judi, Those pretty flowers are PeeGee Hydrangeas. They do dry beautifully. Have a Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

  7. Oh Judi! Those dried flowers are just beautiful! Happy Pink Day!

  8. What beautiful flowers! I also love your hydrangeas in the sliver tea pot. Happy Pink Saturday,

  9. Happy Pink Saturday! I love ANY flower that is pink *smiles*

  10. Your flowers are beautiful. You have inspired me to try to do something with some dried roses I have been saving. I thought maybe the pink flowers in Chicago were azaleas, too. It’s always so good to visit you. Thanks for your sweet comments. Love, Faith

  11. You are so lucky to be able to still pick fresh flowers this time of year. Enjoyed my visit to your blog,

  12. Hi Judy we haven’t met before but I know your a Canadian friend.
    The flowers are PeeGee Hydrangeas for sure. They dry so nicely and last the longest in my garden also.
    Hello from Ottawa

  13. Those dahlias are gorgeous! My Mom has a similar pink bush, we call the Snowball Bush. I think it is a type of hydrangea. I cut them and hang them upside down and they dry beautifully! They seem to get a pink blush after we’ve had some really cool nights here in the Wash DC area 🙂
    *Happy Pink Saturday*

  14. Beautiful Flowers Judi…I love flowers too!

  15. Such gorgeous flowers. Nothing can outdo the pink of a flower, I think. Thanks for sharing! Happy Pink Saturday…

  16. Hi Judi! Oh, what beautiful flowers and Pink, or course. Sorry, I don’t know what the last little flowers are, but I’ve just looked up and read some of your posts and someone guessed.
    Yes, my mother is still living with us. They’ve said it’ll be 6 months until her condo is ready for move in, but hopefully it won’t be that long!! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  17. Judi, those flowers are very pretty!!! I love the pretty dried ones. They look lovely in the silver teapot. It’s been a while since I’ve seen pink flowers. It always seems like the summer and it’s flowers slip by so quickly!!

    Happy Pink Saturday.

    take care,

  18. THose dahlia’s are beautiful and the little siver vase with the dries leaves looks lovely

  19. joy

    Wow Judi, the flowers are beautiful. Dahlias are a favorite.

  20. The dried flowers are so pretty! Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. CC

    Your arrangement in the teapot is lovely. Happy late Pink Saturday. Come visit.

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