Temptations of the Day


Sometimes it feels like this doesn’t it?  Like you are on the inside tempted by things outside.  I guess that could mean a lot of things.  Tempted by your thoughts…tempted by the fun things going on when you have to be inside.  Its sort of that way with me today.  If I could be outta here (I’m at work) I have so many ideas I’d like to be working on.  You know those inspiring days?  It was really blowing a blizzard out there this morning too a perfect snow day at home if you ask me.  But work first…play later. 

Whatever it is you are doing today I hope its a nice one….        Judi


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11 responses to “Temptations of the Day

  1. I’m visiting you, so I’m having a nice day. 😉

  2. Morning, Judiness! That is the cutest picture!! I know, I do get ‘sidetracked’ as I like to call it! lol
    Thanks for the visit this morning. You know, I don’t know how many sets of dishes I have. I’ll have to count them sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. That’s a great picture! I know what you mean about being home. I took the day off to go to a doctors appointment later. I plan on knitting and being productive around the house today. This weekend will be a relief. I will have all my report cards done and sent home on Friday and the pressure of that will be off my shoulders.

    I hope you enjoy your day at work.

    take care,

  4. Hi there Judi…I know what you mean about wanting to be elsewhere at certain times. I’d keep a little notepad by me and write down my ideas so that when the time was right to craft…you don’t forget what it was you had thought of. By the way I love the picture. Too cute. I’ll be having a giveaway starting tomorrow, make sure you stop by. Thanks 🙂

  5. I am getting my little part time job over with and ready to go home. I need to get busy cleaning today when I get off.

  6. Judi,
    You never left your email address on my comments of the giveaway, and I can’t REACH you!

    smilingsal55 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  7. Mildred

    We feel that way when we sit in the dr.’s office for hours on end. So much to see & do on the outside! You enjoy this evening.

  8. I will be glad to add you to my giveaway! Good luck!

  9. Judi, that picture is the cutest thing! I wonder if you opened the door would that little squirrel come inside? Of course I can only imagine the commotion that would cause. Your kitty would probably put an end to that in a real hurry. Does this squirrel visit often?

  10. That is a fun photo! and I have seen a same kind of photo in this Abraham`s blog

    I have seen on our backyard, when a magpie are harassing a squirrel away from a birds feeder.
    Snow awakes two different feelings, joy and light, but also worries in the streets and everywhere else, where it is too much – roofs and trees.

    You mentioned Finnish sisu.
    (The Finnish Line – washingtonpost.com 06:44

    I remembered this article, but I remembered also,
    when I was 8 years old child and walked to my school five kilometers in dark mornings on the forest road, sometimes it was – 30C, but it did not mean anything, my parents was saying, that you have sisu enough and I had..even somebody had seen a big bear walking after me, quite near, in March, when bears wakes up from their winter
    sleep. Perhaps we need here a lot of sisu, Finland really is the northern country.

    Have a nice day, Judi!

  11. That is the sweetiest little pic ! So cute !

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