Sugar Scuttle and Orange Lemonade Twist

I wanted to share with you the sugar scuttle I purchased a few months ago. halloween-and-soup-0221

While visiting Shelia some time back she showed us her sugar scuttle.  I had never seen one before and I loved it.  I bid and won one on ebay and have never seen them sold anywhere else.  Since that time I noticed that  Sharon has one also.  It is really so shiny and has lovely etched details (I love etching on anything) but in the picture it doesn’t show its “true” self unfortunately.  The cute little spoon has its own little spot to sit on the back.  It really is cute don’t you think?halloween-and-soup-0173

I was looking for something on out one of my favourite recipe sites, KraftKitchen the one with the free quarterly magazine you can subscribe to and have delivered to your home, I came across this delish drink.  I haven’t made it and probably won’t be until the warm weather comes along but it looks so good.   Some of my friends in warmer places might want to give it a taste.  orange_lemonade_twist2  The picture comes from the Kraft Foods Site and thats where you’ll find the recipe also.  Let me know what it tastes like if you make it before me .  Yum!


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8 responses to “Sugar Scuttle and Orange Lemonade Twist

  1. Evening, Judi! You got one! Oh, how marvelous! It’s truly beautiful and the round shape is so different. You have the scoop too! Mine didn’t have a scoop! Oh, I’m so proud for you!!
    Be a sweetie and have a nice evening,
    Shelia 😉

  2. What a lovely treasure. That recipe does sound good for a hot day after working in the garden. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I saw one of these last year on a blog and want one so bad. This is beautiful.

  4. It is a charming accessory for any tabletop. I’m happy for you.

  5. Oh my your scuttle is so unique and with the spoon no less!!!! What a treasure!!! Mine is just a plain Jane in comparison!! I am sure it was from a peasants table while yours surely must of been from royalty!!!
    I just love it and thanks for sharing!!

  6. I remember when Shelia posted her’s. I’d never seen one before either. The one you bought is so pretty. The etching really is nice. I’m sure in person it really stands out!

    The drink sounds very good. I love orange juice. I’ll have to give this a try.

    take care,

  7. I have never seen a sugar skuttle before! It is very lovely and I am thinking my sister in law would love one! She likes silver sugar tongs. The recipe looks nice for summer, but I am wondering if we could make it HOT for winter…maybe add a splash of wine too, before heating it up! Maybe?????

  8. Hi Judi, I just love this sugar scuttle–the detail on it is so pretty. Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you!

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