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Sugar Scuttle and Orange Lemonade Twist

I wanted to share with you the sugar scuttle I purchased a few months ago. halloween-and-soup-0221

While visiting Shelia some time back she showed us her sugar scuttle.  I had never seen one before and I loved it.  I bid and won one on ebay and have never seen them sold anywhere else.  Since that time I noticed that  Sharon has one also.  It is really so shiny and has lovely etched details (I love etching on anything) but in the picture it doesn’t show its “true” self unfortunately.  The cute little spoon has its own little spot to sit on the back.  It really is cute don’t you think?halloween-and-soup-0173

I was looking for something on out one of my favourite recipe sites, KraftKitchen the one with the free quarterly magazine you can subscribe to and have delivered to your home, I came across this delish drink.  I haven’t made it and probably won’t be until the warm weather comes along but it looks so good.   Some of my friends in warmer places might want to give it a taste.  orange_lemonade_twist2  The picture comes from the Kraft Foods Site and thats where you’ll find the recipe also.  Let me know what it tastes like if you make it before me .  Yum!


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Scented Christmas Trivets and Inspirational Word Key Tag



I have been busy making making scented Christmas trivets.  I used 2 different colours of a lovely bright Christmas fabric that has Christmas balls and greens springs on them.  Some are the same fabric on both sides while others have a different fabric on each side.  I like to make them at this time of year because they make wonderful little Christmas or hostess gifts.   They are simple and quick to make.  halloween-and-soup-0015 I have filled each of the 4 sections in the trivet with a mix of rice, cinnamon sticks I’ve cut up, nutmeg I’ve crushed, cloves and allspice.  I also sprinkled in some orange sweet essential oil and appleberry fragrance oil.  I leave the mix in a jar overnight to let the fragrances mellow before filling the trivets.  They  look so pretty sitting on the kitchen counter and give a lovely scent throughout when not in use. 


I also made Inspirational Word Key Tags.  I purchased these halloween-and-soup-013 key rings and a bag of inspirational word buckles.  I cut a piece of fabric 13″ x 3″. halloween-and-soup-016 Next I ironed the fabric in half lengthwise, folded it in 1/4″ from each end. halloween-and-soup-021 Then I folded each side into the middle  halloween-and-soup-0171 and ironed the folds.   Then folded in half again and pinned this together.  halloween-and-soup-0191    Then I   halloween-and-soup-027 sewed down each of the long sides, slipped the tag through the Word buckle and slid it to the middle of the tag.  Then I sewed just below the buckle. halloween-and-soup-0311 I slipped the key ring onto the tag and sewed the ends together.  Then I slid the key ring to the end just sewn together and then sewed again at the other of the key ring.halloween-and-soup-033  Voila thats it.  You can slip this around your wrist…you can use the loop to hang it up…it has a great length and it’ll be easier to find anyplace even in your purse!    I hope these instructions made some sense if you choose to make some.  If you do, let me know and send me your pics so I can post them.  halloween-and-soup-040


Have a lovely festivey feeling kind of day….. Judi


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Temptations of the Day


Sometimes it feels like this doesn’t it?  Like you are on the inside tempted by things outside.  I guess that could mean a lot of things.  Tempted by your thoughts…tempted by the fun things going on when you have to be inside.  Its sort of that way with me today.  If I could be outta here (I’m at work) I have so many ideas I’d like to be working on.  You know those inspiring days?  It was really blowing a blizzard out there this morning too a perfect snow day at home if you ask me.  But work first…play later. 

Whatever it is you are doing today I hope its a nice one….        Judi


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Blue Monday

Monday again…a Blue Monday arranged by our Hostess with the mostess Sally from Smilingsally.   Be sure to click to Sally’s site to see all the other participants who are sharing BLUE with you today.  They’ll love a comment from you.  It lets them know you’ve been there….and thats fun.

BLUE Monday and for me it was also a touch of a BLUE Sunday along with unexpected WHITE colour too!   I blogged on Saturday about driving up north an hour to my mom’s and we were doing our annual Plumfairy Craft Show.   I woke up to some snow and it looked cold and dismal but soon turned nice and bright with beautiful BLUE skies.  halloween-and-soup-0014

  This is my street on my drive out.                                    

  halloween-and-soup-003  The drive started out like such a pretty picture with those continued BLUE skies.  Now between my mom’s town and mine there is an invisible boundary line known as the “snow belt” and the difference on either side can be world’s different.  halloween-and-soup-004  At that “line” the snow started and 10 minutes later I decided it was getting a little nastier than I would like it to be on that highway.  halloween-and-soup-012  I got off at the next exit thinking the quieter roads might be better.    They were not. halloween-and-soup-014

It was getting slippery and it was so white with snow  halloween-and-soup-019 and white air and I made the decision to head home while I could safely.   I was disappointed as I sulked my way home, my mom’s soup in the container.   At home it was a beautiful day just as I left it on my way out.   The snow storm continued at my mom’s.   Too bad…so sad  :o(     Some of us know this is in store now and I wanted to share with friends enjoying much warmer types of weather.  Lucky you.

Now I had my camera out of the case on the seat from taking the pictures at home.  I wasn’t driving in bad conditions merrily snapping pictures.  They were taken while I was going slow and I take good pictures when I don’t look through the lens *lol* don’t I?  That then is my BLUE Monday story with BLUE skies at the beginning and the end of it.   Enjoy the rest of your BLUE Monday though Sally’s.


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Beef Vegetable Bean Soup

You know if you like beans thats a good thing because they are so good for you too!  High in fibre and no fat.   Now I seem to have some kind of fascination for beans.   You guys have more beans that we do in Canada so it seems I’ve been stocking up over the summer.  In the summer when its hot we tend not to make too many comfort foods that I might put beans into, but I do love them in salads.  Well today I made such a salad and opened up a lovely can of navy beans for it.  halloween-and-soup-0441It was at that time that I discovered I had this “collection”  (2 cans are not in the picture because I used them today).  Now I didn’t want to pull out all the packages of split peas, yellow and green and whole beans and lentils I have in this “collection” for the picture.  

On the back of a can of butter beans was a recipe for Beef Vegetable Bean Soup.  Sooooo because it was a rainy and dismal day thats what I was making for dinner.  That would take care of 2 cans of beans, 1-1/2 cans for the soup, the rest for a couple days work of salad.   I’m home this weekend busy making soaps and jewellery for my Christmas sales coming up.   So I made the soup.  Last week we made Taco Soup.  This is a bit similar but has these wonderful beans in them.  In the place of curry powder which I was out of I added some Taco seasoning mix. 


1 lb. lean hamburger

1 onion (diced)

1 can butter beans + I had 1/2 can navy beans opened so added them also

1 16oz stewed tomatoes

1 can tomato soup, undiluted

1 can of corn

2-3 tsp. curry powder (I used some Taco seasoning)

salt and pepper to taste


Fry up the beef for about 5 minutes and then add the onions.  halloween-and-soup-017 Cook until the onions are softened.  halloween-and-soup-018 Add the rest of the ingredients.  Bring to a boil.  Lower the heat, stir and cover.  Continue cooking for 1 hour on low stirring periodically.


This really turned out so yummy.  It was so easy too.  After I took the picture I wondered how this soup might taste with a some grated cheese … and a tablespoon of nonfat sour cream?  Wanna know?  DELISH!!  



Today I’m driving an hour north to my mom’s.   We are going to the Sugarplum Craft Sale at the Nottawasaga Inn.  This has become an annual event.  I’m taking some soup for her.  She has a container and it seems to be going back and forth between us.   This week I had dinner at her place and it came back to me again and  with leftovers.  Now that its time to take it back to her I’ve put in some Beef Vegetable Bean Soup.  Try it and if you do let me know what you think.  Whew.  I’m down 2 cans now.

You know…the butter beans have 6 gm of fibre in 1/2 cup.  That sounds like a lot!

Have a lovely day.    Judi


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Pink Saturday

Its Saturday!  Welcome to PINK Saturday hosted by Beverly from How Sweet The Sound.  This is a day for participants to show or talk about something PINK.  Be sure to click and go to Beverly’s blog to see all the other PINK Saturday bloggers.  They’ll love for you to leave them a comment so they know you’ve been there. 


We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving on October 12.   My brother was visiting at my mom’s and picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden for my Thanksgiving table.   Aren’t the dahlia beautiful?  There were many different flowers in that bouquet. 

 When all the other flowers were ready to be thrown out I realized that one bunch had dried beautifully. 



I’ve set them into a silver tea pot where they look lovely.   It is some sort of decorative tree but we don’t know what its called.  

Does anyone know what kind of tree it is?  They only flower at the end of the summer and are a lovely shade of PINK.    Even now there are flowers on my mom’s tree however because of the weather hers are not dry…just very decorative.

I hope you’ll be able to visit the other Pink Saturdays at least bit by bit because the list has grown.

Have a lovely weekend.  Judi



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The Royal Agricultural Fair and Cow Trivia

 Oh my its Friday again, the weekend is upon us and I haven’t posted about what we did last weekend.  I’ve been jibbering about other things and I’ve almost run out of days this week!  So I wanted to share the Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto that the Love Bunny and I went to last Saturday.  This is held at the Canadian National Exhibition fairgrounds and has been an annual event for years lasting 2 weeks. 

I was disappointed that because we only decided to go on Saturday morning (leaving all dirty breakfast dishes behind)  that my camera wasn’t charged enough.  Therefore here are just a few pictures I was able to take.


I have never seen such cleaned and cared for cows in my life!  They were being trimmed with an electric razor, brushed,  an air hose was used to blow away bits of this and that that had settled on their backs or legs, their fur was spritzed to make it shine…and shine they did.


and they did have little chicks.  Are they cute like yours Juju?   dsc03762

and the neat thing about the cows and their milk was their butter!!  See the sculptures they were making in this cooler that had windows for us to watch them in progress?  dsc03764 

and this one…


I was even able to photograph this bit of Cow Trivia.  Wow it reads the average Canadian cow produces 9,481 kg = 9,481 x 2.2 lbs = A LOT OF MILK!!  I wonder how that compares with the average American Cow? hmmmmm….


They were giving out all kinds of food samples and I did purchase a few Christmas gifts for the guys, girls and Madeline too.  We watched the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) perform with their horses in the auditorium.   The horses seemed to march to the music, heads high or all pointed down together, forming cartwheel designs along with all kinds of other wonderful choriography.  They performed song after song perfectly in step with each other, twining amongst each other oh my I don’t know how they even did it.    It was really a nice afternoon.  I wish I had one cow from Faith’s Cow Parade collection to finish up this post.

Don’t forget to visit everyone participating in Pink Saturday tomorrow hosted by Beverly. 

Have a lovely day…  Judi


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