Snow Day and New Plates

Brrrrrr its a snowy, blustering, blowing kind of day out there!  AND we got a snow afternoon from work.  Our office closed at noon and I’m home with a free gifted Friday afternoon.  Love it! 

I wanted to show you the new plates I picked up at Pier 1 last night while on my way to Chapters Book store right next door.  Seeeee…peeking from under my white salad/soup plate?  langstons-to-xmas-decorations-004

red and white with a lovely bird…langstons-to-xmas-decorations-015

  Now they only had 2 of them left so I am going to call another location and have more put aside for me.  I just love them!  They go nicely with the white plates and are  one of my favourite colours…red.  I plan on making some napkins to go with them.


This Christmas as I’ve paid for items the cashiers have noted all the reds in my purchase AND my red coat too!  I hope others in my family are loving the colour because it looks like Santa in HIS red suit is sharing the colour this Christmas.

You know how I love salt and pepper shakers well here is another Fitz and Floyd set I have and love to put out at Christmas.   langstons-to-xmas-decorations-0301 

So what to do on this free found afternoon?  I came home and changed into something real comfy and I have the Christmas music on.  I have 9 dozen cookies to bake this weekend for Monday’s cookie exchange at work as well as finishing some Christmas shopping. 

Today I’ll stay inside and enjoy the day.  I hope you have a lovely day too!  Judi



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9 responses to “Snow Day and New Plates

  1. We got sent home early today from school. The snow hasn’t started yet, but it looks like any minute it will! I was hoping to get some wrapping done this afternoon.

    I’m starting to not feel well and I think I am going to just pretend it is all in my head. I have too much to do!!

    Your red dishes are just beautiful. I hope you find more at another store. I also hope you are enjoying your afternoon.

    take care,

  2. Bo

    Hi Judi…You know I’m loving those new plates! But I also love the white ones you’ve shown with them…I am a dish-a-holic! Hope your free afternoon is joyful… 😉 Bo

  3. Sounds like you are all set to have a warm, cozy evening. Good for you. I absolutely love the red dishes you found and hope you are lucky enough to find more. The salt & pepper are beautiful as well.

  4. Hi Judi,

    Sounds good to me to get a snow day…woohoo!!! I LOVE those plates you found at Pier 1. I may have to make a trip to Pier 1! Also, those salt/pepper shakers are adorable. Have fun baking away this weekend!

  5. I’m not one of those “dish ladies” but those plates are marvelous…I love them with your lace table cloth with the red peeking through…PERFECT!

  6. Isn’t it lovely when you get that bonus time off? I well remember days like this–only it wasn’t for snow, it was for a hurricane. Hmm, I can smell those cookies way down here.

  7. I love your plates. My legs can’t stand up any more. I am going to rest with a good book.

  8. lock your doors…i am coming form those plates..LOL
    no, i wouldn’t do that (wink) LOL

  9. Your new plates are very cute. I was in Pier 1 last week. That is always a fun store to explore. I bought tea strainers, not as exciting as your purchase, but useful.

    I also like your white dishes. I think I am going to buy a set in white, as soon as I find the perfect ones.

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