Glycerin Squeaky Clean

Its almost Christmas and I don’t have one bar of soap to give to any of the family this year!  Thats a good thing and a bad thing actually.   I make handcrafted soap and always give my family soap.  This year I reduced the usual quantity thinking maybe I could guestimate a smaller  amount.   Well that wasn’t a good idea because I made about 35 lbs that were approximately 4 oz each so that was quite a few bars and they’re all gone leaving some disappointed customers and now family too. 

I’ll show you what they looked at as I was making them… halloween-and-soup-010oh I was feeling so inspired and my place mmmmm smelled lovely….halloween-and-soup-027 A basket of some  of the bath bombs, in here Lavender and Red Currant and ThymeTea.  Do you use bath bombs?  They fizz so nicely in your bath releasing sea salts, mineral salts, skin softening sweet almond oil and lovely essential oils.   Wonderfully relaxing after a hectic day…

 Putting together little baskets  halloween-and-soup-068


are these not pretty?  Pretty cello bags and crates of wonderful bath goodness…halloween-and-soup-009

big baskets of goodies…



and little baskets of handmade bath products….


I was so pleased  this week for a request for 10 more soap…and 2 more small baskets…and whooops all gone…I’m thrilled, really thrilled but…no glycerin soap clean family this Christmas…..


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10 responses to “Glycerin Squeaky Clean

  1. Bo

    Those soaps are so pretty & I can only imagine how wonderful they smell…no wonder you ran out!
    😉 Bo

  2. Oh, how cool is this!!!!! I have always wanted to try and make soap! But, I always get scared. I wish I could get over my feeling of dread that stops me every time for years now! Your bars are just beautiful! I need to march right out and JUST DO IT!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I can tell you they smell FABULOUS! I haven’t had a chance to use my bath bomb yet but believe me I will…..LOVE them! The lotion is just heavenly smelling and feels so good on my hands! Thanks so much Judi!!

  4. That looks like a lot of work for you!! Thirty five pounds is a lot of soap! The baskets you made are beautiful!!! What a wonderful gift they would make. I know that I have some of your goodies and they smell wonderful. I know as soon as I opened the box you sent the scent was fabulous!!!

    I think you have been a busy little elf this year. I’m sure those who get your soaps will be appreciative and those that don’t will understand.

    take care,

  5. You’ve been a busy one! I’m glad that you’ve done so well.

  6. Looks like you are one busy women.
    Isn’t it wonderful to have these little grandchildren?
    I left a comment on your home page about the Nuts and Bolts recipe. Hopefully you can find them.
    In fact I will link them to the blog site right away.
    They are simple to make and most enjoyable.

  7. My goodness…you have been busy! Your baskets look wonderful….as do the soaps!

    Thanks for your visit today…and yes, we have many things in common…starting with the name.

  8. Wow have you ever been busy! The soaps look so pretty and I know they must smell wonderful. All the gift bags are lovely! How fun that you got a half day off for snow–those unexpected surprises are the best!

  9. hm-m-m-m I can almost smell the soap from here. I didn’t know you made soap Judy.

  10. how lucky your family is!…soapmaking is such a wonderfully historic craft!

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