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Blue Monday – Christmas Buddies

Blue Monday Instructions

Its Blue Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.   Be sure to click on Sally’s blog to see her Blue Monday and all the other participants.   The list is growing so take a visit through all the wonderful Blueness and don’t forget to leave a comment.   They’ll all be so happy to know you’ve been there!  Enjoy.

Some years ago I went with the Love Bunny to Houston, Texas the day after Christmas through New Years.  He had to finish up some work  there.  On one of those days he would drop me off to do some shopping while he did some inspection work in the area.   I found some wonderful after Christmas special.  Then he would pick me up and drop me off someplace else.  It was really rather fun  checking out new stores in a new place.  I just wish I had known Shelia from Notesongs then.  We might have met and she could have showed me her best shopping grounds.   I love to shop and I’m happy window shopping too! 


I found these wonderful and cute buddies, Santa and BLUE Snowman.  Mr. Snowman is featuring his lovely BLUE jacket and BLUE and white scarf.   He has somehow lost his carrot nose I’ll have to fix that.

The Love Bunny looked at me and shook his head and wondered how in the world we could take them back by plane. I just loved them though and they were such a bargain and I HAD to get them and not just one pair but TWO.   One pair for me and the other I would split for each of my sons.  I couldn’t leave them behind.  I said we’d do it somehow!!  We only had little suitcases with us because we were only there for a few days.  As it was we had bought another one that was full of great goodies.  Well we worked at it seriously and somehow we managed to fold them up and get them home.  langstons-to-xmas-decorations-037 


Thank you for visiting on Blue Monday enjoy the other participants and have a lovely day…. Judi


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