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Duck Facts

 I posted this week about the ducks swimming in the cold water surrounded by ice and snow around my place. I decided to look up some facts about ducks and…here they are. By the way apparently ducks have a system with their arteries so that warm blood flows from their heart and interweaves with the cold blood that is coming from their feet warming the blood. Therefore it keeps their feet and legs warm.

A girl duck makes a loud quack sound while the boy duck, or drake has a raspy, muffled call. 

Touching a duckling doesn’t prevent the mother duck from taking care of it. It is however best to leave ducklings alone so as not to scare the Mom duck away or accidentally injure them. 
Ducks sleep with half their brains awake. Ducks are more likely to sleep with one eye open when they are located on the edge of sleeping groups. They can detect predators in less than a second.

Duck eggshells have tiny holes (pores) that allow it to breathe. A hen’s eggs can have 7500 pores, most found at the blunt end of the egg. Respiratory gases as well as water vapor travel through these pores allowing the egg to breathe.

 Ducks can live 20 or more years with good care and feeding. Apparently the world’s record is held by a Mallard Drake that lives 37 years. Now thats a long time!

  Baby ducks are precocial, meaning they are born with their eyes wide open, with a warm layer of down, and are not fully dependant on their parents for food.   Ducklings are ready to leave the nest within hours of hatching.

 A clutch is the total number of eggs laid by one bird during one nesting session. Clutch size affected by hereditary and environmental factors.   When food is abundant, birds lay more eggs.

  A brood is the total number of hatchlings, or ducklings in a clutch.

 Ducks have very good vision, and they can even see in colour.

 Did you know that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo? Nobody knows why.

I hope you’ve found these facts interesting… and that you have a lovely day.   Judi xoxo


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Cat Paint Jobs


These pictures were forwarded to me  through emails and I wanted to share them with you especially the cat lovers…and the artists. 

Apparently these paint jobs can cost $15,000 each and they grow out of the colour in 3 months and some people spend $60,000. a year.  Can you imagine even having that kind of money to paint your cat?  They must be show cats.

They are really something.  How could you get your cat to sit still this long?

This kitty is striking in its red, white and blues.  Would he feel silly or would he feel fabulous…surely he would get some reaction from the response around him.   



 image0101Love this one….


















Imagine having the same hair colour as your cat?  What colour would you and your cat share?image017















Hey is that Charlie???














Camouflage with the goldfish…    



















I should have saved this one for Blue Monday…















 Don’t you love his mouth?  How would you feel if you came across this in your yard on a dark evening…..


















 I think this kitty was one of the original cast in “Kats”….



















Mommy’s little kitty.   Doesn’t she have a lovely face?  I think it can only be a “she”….image015



















When I saw these I couldn’t believe it.  You never know what you’ll see next….have a lovely day.  Judi xoxo


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Thrift Dishes

Tonight my eldest son Geoff and his wife and my little Madeline are coming over for dinner!  We’re having crusted tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, green beans, peas and pearl onions in white sauce,  and a salad filled with veggies.  I’ve saved some of the Tipsy Chocolate Cake I made on Saturday for our dessert.  I think it’ll be yummy.

I am going to give them these Wedgewood Group Stoneware dishes I picked up while thrifting this fall with the intension of giving it to them.    I believe they were $14.00 .  Included were 8 like new dinner plates, cups and a large veggie serving bowl.  2009-january-0211









This is the underside.  They are oven to tableware made by Wedgewood Group in England.  Nice aren’t they? 












This is a better look at the plate which suits their decor.   They have glasses that will look perfect with the plates as well.   The moment I saw them I had them on my mind and I had to get them.  I have had them in a box ready to give to them so its about time I do!   I  hope they like them too.2009-january-0161   Boy I love a good deal on something so worth it!









Hope you have a lovely day…  Judi xoxo


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Bourbon-Chocolate Tipsy Cake










Remember for Christmas Janet gave me a wonderful 12 month Cake Calendar?  Each month has a different cake recipe.  So on the weekend I made the Bourbon-Chocolate Tipsy Cake – the January cake.

NOTE:  The recipe calls for some bourbon which I didn’t have.  When we were on our cruise last spring we bought a bottle of Coffee Rum from St. Kitts.  I think if you prefer to omit the liquor you could increase the liquid, which is the instant coffee mixture by 1/2 cup.   I added 1/4 cup of the coffee rum and 1/4 cup water instead of the 1/2 cup bourbon the recipe called for. 


1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

2 cups flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

3 oz unsweetened chocolate, chopped

2 ox. sweet baking chocolate, chopped

1/4 cup instant coffee crystals

2 tbsp boiling water

1/2 cup bourbon

1 cup unsalted buttered, softened

2 cups sugar

3 eggs

1-1/2 tsp vanilla

2 tbsp bourbon

powered sugar

1.  Butter a 10-inch fluted tube pan.  Add cocoa powder to pan; shake and tilt pan to coat the bottom sides and tube and shake out the excess.   In a bowl combine flour, baking soda, and salt.

2.  In small microwave bowl combined the unsweetened and sweet chocoltes.  2009-january-010Microwave for about a minute.  Stir.  Microwave in 30 second sets, stirring until melted.  Cool slightly.



3.  In 2-cup glass measure disolve coffee crystals in the boiling water.  Add enough cold water to measure 1.5 cups liquid.  Stir in 1/2 cup bourbon – (I used 1/4 cup coffee rum and 1/4 cup water.  If you don’t want to use liquor try increasing the coffee mixture from 1.5 to 2 cups)2009-january-012







4.  In large bowl beat butter for 30 seconds and then add suar and beat well.  Beat in eggs one at a time .  Beat in melted chocolate and vanilla.  2009-january-013

Alternatively add flour mixture ad bourbon mixture to chocolate mixture, beginning and ending with flour mixgure.  Beat on low speed after each addition just until combined.  Pour into pan. 

 5.  Bake 325F about 60 minutes or until wooden toothpick comes out clean.  Remove from heat and allow to cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes.  Invert onto rack and allow to cool completely.  Brush cake with 2 tbsp. of the bourbon (I used coffee rum and you may want to use some more of the coffee mixture instead).   Allow to sit for a few minutes and sift powder sugar over cake.   








This is a very delicious cake.  It is extremely moist and I know you will just love it!!  WE sure did.   

Have a lovely day… Judi xoxo


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Blue Monday

Blue Monday Instructions

Its BLUE Monday and it is.  Back to work and its BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from SmilingSally.  Be sure to click on Sally’s blog for more BLUE Monday participants.  Grab your coffee and enjoy…

Walking out my door and building this is the lovely view I get…pretty white snow the trees and BLUE skies.   2009-january-0091









When its dark and I walk past that spot in the dead of winter I feel like I’m all alone.  Everything is so quiet and still  and then I hear it.  A “quack, quack, quack, quack” coming from somewhere near in that darkness.   It makes me smile.  I guess they know I’m there… and now I’ve captured them to show you.  2009-january-006









Can you see them all down below the banks in the woods?  There are so many ducks down there in the BLUE water …lots of them and its winter!    They are a bit hard to see in the picture but you can tell their little necks and heads I’m sure.  I was standing up on a snow bank almost knee deep in snow to take this picture and some of them squak quacked and moved to the left of the picture where we can’t see them.  Even though its very freezing cold around here the water in that area doesn’t freeze over because it has movement and the ducks hang out there swimming.  They do the same in the summer too.  How come they don’t freeze their little footies I wonder?  

Thats my BLUE Monday post.   I hope whether you have the cold of the snow or the warmth of the sand that  you are having a lovely day…. Judi xoxo



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Tassled Too…

I have seen some lovely handmade tassles while visiting blogs recently.  I loved them and knew immediately I had to join in.   I picked up some supplies at Michaels and Fabricland and the Dollar Store a couple days ago and have been bursting at the seams  knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to start until tonight.   It was so fun and I can see how people can become addicted.  Isn’t this a cute bird tassle?                                                                  














He hangs momentarily on my kitchen cupboard…




















I’m sure I’ll have a few more of these around…pretty.   Have a lovely evening…  Judi xoxo


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“English”…”Service”… “Phone Number”… etc… etc…


I’m posting again about the problem with my cracky phone  that affects my computer.   I had a weekend without visiting my dear blogging friends.   That was so yucky except its amazing how much I got done around here.  A month ago a similar problem cleared up after I booked a service appointment.   So I cancelled.  Wonder what got done around here that time?

Do you not hate calling companies  and having to explain to an automated “person”?  I do.  “English”… “Service”… “phone number”…”Home Telephone”…”No” etc…etc….  Once I got to a real person I gave my name, address, postal code, my name again and my password.   I was going to have to take 1/2 day off work because they  had no evening appointments in the near future in my area.  I said I’d call back.  That appointment was going to cost me $90.00 plus $55.00 for the second jack. Yuck!

I booked a 1/2 day off work and called them back.. “English”… “Service”… “Phone number” etc. ..etc… until I reached a live person confirmed my name, address, city, postal code etc. again.  I  was told they DID have evening appointments in my area and so I quickly booked for tonight.  AND I was told I could purchase a $99.00 one year service package that would cover this and further repairs and the second jack.   So I booked and purchased the package.   WHAT a nice lady that one was.

Then my son Geoff called me later in the afternoon.  I told him about my phone problem.   The darling son that he is told me HE could fix it and that he had wired his phone in his own basement.  He would do it this weekend.  Cancel and save the maintenance fee he said.  Ok  I said.    “English”… “Service”…. “Phone Number”…  etc…  etc. .. a real person answered and half way through confirming my name, address, password etc. we were cut off.   I rolled my eyes…I sighed…I redialed the number.  “English”…. “Service”… “Phone Number”..etc..etc. and finally after confirming my phone number, address etc.  I was able to cancel just before closing!  Whew!  

AND magically I have no static on my phone again.  Strange eh?  The phone company said they’d be checking the line from outside first and would contact me if that was the problem.  Perhaps it was…again.   Let’s see.


I am sharing a pretty picture taken in November  …one of the first snows…. have a lovely day…  Judi xoxox


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Back to Blogging Problems and Brrrrrr..

So seems I need to call the phone company this morning as soon as I get one more minute here.  As on the weekend I’m having problems and therefore can’t blog from home.  I’m just at break at work and thought I’d peek in and “hel-lo”.

My it has been chilly lately…brrrrrr…   Last week we had temps of -21C and I’m not so sure what that is in F.  This week its continuing to be 1F everyday.  Its been very bright and sunny and CRISP!  Tomorrow its going to go up to 32F and then back to 1F the next day.  How crazy is that?  Almost like 2 seasons in 2 days.

Well no pics to post from here just a weather report.  *lol*.

Keep warm for those having winter and enjoy the warmth if you are in it!

See you when and as I can.    Have a lovely day …. Judi xoxo


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Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday but first let me say –

hi everyone!  *big smiles*.  After a weekend of not being able to blog or get anywhere online I was so excited to try again on Sunday evening and Voila I’m here!   I was able to do some visiting last night.  We’ll see how it continues.

Now you can’t imagine how much of my “spring” cleaning I was able to continue this weekend because I wasn’t blogging… Lots!  So there was good and there was bad in not being able to visit all my wonderful blogging  friends.  When I put it that way it was awful!

Blue Monday Instructions

Today is BLUE Monday hosted by Sally from Smiling Sally.  There are all kinds and shades of lovely blueness for you to see so be sure to click to her site and visit all the other participants.  Be sure to leave a comment so everyone knows you’ve been there…and they love to read your comments too.

I wanted to show you another little guy from my little critters collection.  critters-019  Isn’t he the cutest little conductor you’ve ever seen!  He is wearing his BLUE conductor hat and his cute BLUE jacket.  He’s all set to go with his gray and green bags.  He’s bearly bearly cute I think!

critters-020 This is the little backside of him.







Enjoy all the rest of the Blueness for today.  Have a lovely day!  …. Judi xoxo


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2009-january-091If you hear some spitting (the kind of spitting sound when someone is angry) and you don’t “see” me, it probably is me you are hearing!!    I’ll be sitting right here where I sit with my laptop when I blog… but I’ll be hissing…. 

A month ago my phone made staticy sounds periodically….mostly when I was talking to Marc.  Sometimes it was fine and other times not!  It was at that time I noticed that I was having internet problems.  It was taking forever to post comments when I was blogging, and  travelling around online was soooo sloooow like molasses and whew it was torture.  Now you probably all have wireless and none of you are on dial-up.  I am on dial-up because the College where I work gives us free dial-up.   On the most part I do great on it. 

When I realized the problem wasn’t going away or getting better I called the telephone company and made an appointment for them to come and fix the problem.  Thats a $98. call and whatever else they needed to do.  Anyway a couple of days before they were to come everything got better on its own.  That darn static disappeared and things were back to normal with my computer as well. 

Now, a month later its back.  That static started again a couple of days ago on my phone (and its all the phones).   I have been having a horrible time trying to visit anyone last night or today.  Most of the time although I’m connected it can’t find anything.. :o(   or anyone  :o( . 

I just happened to be able to get into WordPress this evening but its very sloooowwww trying to open up to comment.  I mean it can take OVER 10 minutes just to try to get someplace.  Soooo I will have to call the telephone company again.   So if you don’t see me around thats why…..and I am not happy… I’m hissing…   

Sometimes I stay in for lunch and visit my dear blogging friends I  may see you anyway…  hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend… Judi xoxo


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